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Getting to Know Tom Powledge, Vice President of Cisco Managed Security Services

After several months leading the managed security services portfolio at Cisco, I sat down with the social media team to discuss my path to Cisco, the evolution of the security market, and the future of security. [Note: This is an abridged version of the full interview.]

Q: After nearly 20 years at Symantec, why did you decide to move to Cisco?

TP: Cisco has all of the pieces necessary to solve the biggest security problems facing businesses today and into the future. Cisco’s position in the network, its broad security product portfolio, its strong and continued investment in security, and its pivot toward driving business outcomes and solving customer problems place this company in a unique position to lead the charge toward the next generation of security. As a part of a company that builds the cloud, mobility, collaboration, and Internet of Everything technologies driving change in the security market, we have a unique opportunity to proactively build security services that enable the secure adoption of these innovations. Our ability to integrate with networking technologies and all types of connected devices allows us to feed huge amounts of data from across an entire customer network into our big data platform for detecting, investigating, and analyzing threats. I’m eager to take what I’ve learned throughout 19 years in security and put that knowledge and experience to work in building up Cisco’s resources into a next-level suite of solutions. Read More »

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ITD: Learn how to deploy ITD in 10 minutes

ITD (Intelligent Traffic Director) is being deployed by a large number of customers, and it is saving them massive CAPEX and OPEX, while providing unprecedented scale and high availability.

Here is a 10 minute video that shows step by step ITD deployment.


ITD is shipping on Nexus 9k/7700/7k/6k/5k Series of switches. ITD won the Best of Interop 2015 in Data Center category.

Here is more information about ITD:

Please send email to if you have any questions.



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Cloudwick Selects Cisco OpenStack Private Cloud for Enterprise Big Data

Mark SchreiberGuest Blogger: Mark Schreiber, General Manager at Cloudwick

At Cloudwick we’re constantly evaluating cloud platforms to improve the efficiency of our data and analytics service. Today, we manage more than $100 million of public cloud big data and advanced analytics for the Global 1000. For several years, we’ve been evaluating OpenStack® solutions for Hadoop, Cassandra and Spark performance testing.

Our conclusion: Cisco OpenStack® Private Cloud is the industry’s best-in-class private cloud platform for Big Data and Advanced Analytic workloads. It provides us with all of the advantages that come from the public cloud but at a lower cost of service with better security options and locality of data.

As a result we’re choosing Cisco OpenStack Private Cloud for Cloudwick’s Enterprise Big-Data-as-a-Service. Why?

  1. Data LocalityCloudwick selects Cisco OpenStack Private Cloud

Cloudwick manages Petabytes of Enterprise Big Data and the majority of data we manage resides on-premise. Not having to move enterprise data from on-premise to the cloud to gain platform agility provides enormous savings to our clients.

  1. Time-to-Service

Cisco’s OpenStack Private Cloud makes it possible for enterprise IT to provision Hadoop, Cassandra, Elastic, Kafka & Spark clusters in minutes, as opposed to days, providing competitive advantage for enterprise time-to-decision and answer.

  1. Security

Cloudwick works with leading Global 1000 enterprises in Finance, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare and Retail, where consumer data security is a top priority. The security architecture and solution that Cisco’s OpenStack Private Cloud platform provides allows our enterprise clients to meet their regulatory and compliance requirements with all of the same advantages delivered by public cloud providers, but on-premises and behind their own security.

Partnering for Success

Cloudwick is excited to be working closely with Cisco, Hortonworks, Cloudera and DataStax to accelerate the adoption of Big Data and Advanced Analytics running on Hadoop, Cassandra and Spark. Additionally, we’re partnering with Cisco’s leading channel partners to architect and engineer Cisco’s OpenStack Private Cloud for Big Data and Advanced Analytics workloads.

For more information about Cloudwick’s Big Data-as-a-Service Reseller Partner program for Cisco OpenStack Private Cloud, please read the News Release, download the Data Sheet or contact

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Why Are We Reinventing Our Marketing Function?


  Reena Tiwari


Our customers’ expectations and buying behaviors are changing, and more brands compete for their attention. We either need to reinvent our approach to marketing or risk losing business to our competitors.

The big change in buying behavior is that most of us now research a product online before we ever meet with a salesperson. This is true whether we’re looking to buy a washing machine or IT infrastructure.
Read More »

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Achieving IT Transformation with Cisco and Red Hat

Last week at Red Hat Summit 2015 I had the opportunity to meet with customers, partners, analysts and members of the open source community to hear their challenges. On a panel with IDC, we discussed how industries are being disrupted in ways that bring both staggering challenges and unprecedented opportunities. We generally agreed that digitization is the answer to this industry disruption.  In other words, in order to survive companies of all types need to become digital companies by leveraging new technologies to drastically evolve their business models, or change how they engage with customers, employees and suppliers, for instance.

We also agreed that Open Source solutions are often the right choice for IT departments as they look to navigate these transformations.  Particularly as the cloud industry increasingly turns towards open source technology as a catalyst for innovation, the opportunity for Cisco, Red Hat and our partners to capitalize on this market disruption is immense.

Having worked together successfully on unified computing and networking for years, less than a year ago Cisco and Red Hat announced expanding our partnership and accelerating collaboration around OpenStack, Application Centric Infrastructure and Intercloud.  We are now well positioned to help our customers deploy the new solutions that will power their digitization plans. Read More »

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