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New Solutions + New Math: Exponential Benefits of Adding an Enterprise Scheduler to Virtual Machine Management

Oh, how data processing has evolved, growing in complexity and sophistication, it now spans across multiple software stacks and disparate systems. With the introduction of virtualization platforms, processes can now be run on virtualized environments as well as a physical one.  As we know, virtualization allows you to use physical hardware more efficiently. That’s because often times an application is sitting “idle” and doesn’t really need all the allocated computing resources, and virtualization lets idle computing resources be re-assigned to other tasks.  Virtualization technology and the advancements of Cloud Computing afford businesses significant benefits in terms of cost reduction and efficiencies resulting from consolidation and standardization.

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Meet the Newest Member of Your Data Center Operations Team

Today you are one happy data center manager, because you just made the perfect hire. Your new operations staffer is savvy, with extensive networking knowledge and experience with some of the largest, most sophisticated, and most secure networks in the world. This guy knows the network like the back of his hand. And he’s a demon in the data center: he can optimize data center operations task by task, almost minute by minute. He can predict problems and pre-empt them. It’s as though he is one with your data center and your network.

Actually, he is your data center and your network—with Cisco Intelligent Automation.

Okay, you say, everyone knows that automation is a good thing. It frees highly skilled IT staff from essential but time-consuming routine maintenance tasks and processes, which typically consume from 70% to 80% of an organization’s IT operational expense, allowing them instead to concentrate on innovation and creating new business value. Automation captures best practices, domain knowledge, and analytics and transforms them into repeated processes triggered by policy and defined events, thus improving efficiency, response time, compliance, visibility, and business continuity. So what’s so special about this Intelligent Automation?

Cisco Intelligent Automation embeds domain knowledge, analytics, and best practices into the network that connects every aspect of your business. It is one with the infrastructure. Think about it. The network is the ideal platform for automation IT operations, not only because the network touches and connects every part of your business, but also because it can capture events and information close to the source, enabling rapid, precise response to events and changes. This network-centric approach to intelligent automation takes advantage of the network’s ability to sense and control data center and IT operations.  It also delivers the benefits of Cisco’s innate strengths, including:

  • Networking Expertise—Leveraging the vast collection of Cisco’s networking intelligence, best practices, methodologies, and tools to support customers better.
  • Collaborative Partner Approach—Applying the combined expertise of Cisco and our global partner ecosystem to meet the total needs of customers worldwide.
  • Smart, Personalized Services—Gathering, correlating and analyzing data against Cisco intellectual capital to provide proactive or preemptive service experiences.
  • Innovative Solutions—Creating network-centric architectural solutions to fully align technology investments to customer business goals.

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Digging into Cisco Data Center Business Advantage

About a month ago, Cisco announced our Data Center Business Advantage architecture. Within the architecture, we highlighted several areas:

  • Business Value which can be derived from IT investments in the Data Center
  • The breadth of our Open Ecosystem that helps us deliver solutions to customers today
  • Solution Architecture that brings together Unified Fabric, Unified Computing and Unified Network Services
  • Cisco Technology Innovation across multiple Data Center domains
  • A complete set of Data Center Services that can rapidly drive customer success

Now that the fall trade show season is complete and people are done watching headlines and back to running their businesses, we thought it would be useful to take a deeper dive into Data Center Business Advantage. Read More »

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Cloud Computing and the Big Pipes myth

I suppose that I could have titled this blog post as, “The Value of the Network for Cloud Computing”, but I wanted to focus on the viewpoints that I often hear from end-users or application owners. They tend to look at the network as a conduit to their information, and the bigger the pipe the better. The “bandwidth is more important than oxygen” theory. While I can obviously understand this viewpoint from groups that consume the network from the perspective of bandwidth, it’s important to remember that the network is the fundamental element that allows Cloud Computing (Public, Private or Hybrid) to exist in the first place.

So let’s talk about some of the myths and misunderstandings around Cloud and the network… Read More »

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Are Clouds floating back to Earth?

For those of us that have been through the waves of previous technology and paradigm shifts, it’s always interesting to watch a new cycle evolve. It usually starts with a great bit of fanfare, vision, bold predictions and concerns of “that’s crazy…it’ll never work…why would anyone care about that…??” etc, etc. And then after a little while (usually 12 months), the hype slows down and there are lulls while people get down to the business of creating the actual technology, associated companies and winning business models. During these lulls, doubt often creeps in and we find out who has actual vision and who is riding the coat-tails of hype. During the initial lull in any technology cycle, I like to ask the following questions to help me determine if the lull is temporary or potentially permanent. Read More »

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