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Congratulations to our Australia and New Zealand Channel Marketing Stars!

As part of our ongoing support of the Australian and New Zealand partner community, last week we hosted the second annual Cisco Marketing Excellence partner awards. These awards are designed to recognise the great work that our partners are doing in creating and promoting innovative Cisco campaigns.

The awards are given across both the partner and distributor categories as well as recognising a partner in the Premier/Silver category which is a new award this year.

I am pleased to announce the following partners as this year’s winners:

James Mackay from Express Data is the winner of the distributor category for developing creative marketing around the Cisco Front Row program. Gabrielle Kingston from Westcon was the runner up thanks to her innovative promotion of Cisco UCS.

In the partner category Logicalis’ Oliver Descoeudres was the winner for developing an integrated program promoting “Tomorrow’s Workplace”. The runner-up was Garrett MacDonald who created a cloud campaign for Data#3 featuring Cisco’s “Know the network” as a call to action.

For the new Premier/Silver partner category, Blair Burchill from Comscentre was judged the winner for a customer briefing he conducted with Cisco and a leading public sector customer.

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Cisco APJC Recognises its Smart Services Champions

Yesterday at the Cisco Asia Pacific, Japan and Greater China Partner-Led Network Conference that took place in Bangkok, we took the opportunity to announce the recipients of the Cisco Smart Service awards. The purpose of these awards is to recognise our partners and customers from the region who showed forward-thinking approaches in the delivery and integration of Cisco Smart Services. The winners were chosen for their innovation and expertise that enable “Smart Everywhere” for their end-users across the region.

The awards are divided up into three categories; partner awards – for partners who used Smart Services to accelerate growth of their services business; vendor awards – for vendors who have demonstrated innovation and operational excellence for Cisco Services; and customer awards – for those customers that have used Smart Services to fuel their business performance, efficiency and productivity.

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Cisco Celebrates Progress in the Australian Server Market

As 2012 comes to a close, it’s a good time to reflect on what we’ve experienced in data centre virtualisation over the past 12 months.

Let’s start with our customers. We’re seeing Australian businesses of all sizes and industry verticals using Cisco UCS to gain solid advantages to their business and lowering IT costs.  And while market share can vary from quarter to quarter, we are enormously pleased that for the first time leading analyst firm IDC has reported that Cisco is the current market share leader for x86 blade servers in Australia (Source: IDC Q3 CY2012 x86 Blade Server Market Share, Nov. 28, 2012).

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Cisco UCS Helps Scientists Reach for the Stars

The Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) is an international collaborative project to construct a low frequency radio telescope as a precursor to the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), a global mega-science project to build the world’s largest radio telescope. The MWA after eight years of construction was finally launched last Friday in West Australia where Cisco announced that it had teamed up with the MWA to provide technology from our next generation data centre portfolio.

With all the buzz around “big data” there’s nothing that reflects this more than the future rollout of the SKA and the current MWA project. At the MWA, Cisco gear will be tasked with managing the immense levels of data that will be created by the instrument – which covers an area of 2000 square metres. Given its scale the MWA has an extremely high performance requirement due to the large volumes of raw radio signals being received. The high performance and scalability of Cisco’s data centre portfolio suite is the perfect fit for such an important and massive project. For an overview of the project check out this video taken from the launch.

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Welcome to the National Telework Week and Telework Congress 2012!

Today the Australian and New Zealand Governments, along with founding partner, Cisco, officially open the inaugural Telework Week 2012. In Australia we are kicking the week off with The Telework Congress at Melbourne University, which will include presentations from an exciting lineup of speakers, including the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

(If you have not yet signed up for Telework week, it’s not too late, Australians can do so hereand New Zealanders can do so here)

Australian Prime Minister Gillard opens the Telework Congress and National Telework Week with a live Cisco TelePresence keynote from Canberra. Showcasing the technologies that underpin teleworking, Gillard is the highest possible champion for telework in Australia.

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