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Ignite Adoption of Social Collaboration: Practical Advice From A Practitioner

Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to spend time in the trenches with a number of customers embarking on efforts to deploy social collaboration platforms.   While the individual challenges differ, the one constant that I have seen is that the “if you build it, they will come” cliché may work well in the movies, but it certainly does not apply to persuading employees to adopt this emerging way of sharing information and collaborating with co-workers.

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How to Turn Your Brand into a Digital Powerhouse [VIDEO]

We sat down with Jeanette Gibson (@JeanetteG), Sr. Director, Global Social and Digital Media at Cisco to talk about a brand’s journey through the digital world. In our video interview, she shared with us the 5 stages of transformation to reach Digital Nirvana. Credit goes to Ant’s Eye View for the development of this framework. Check it out and if you like the video, please share this blog. Read More »

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Lost in Social Media: The Proficient Reach Nirvana [PICTURE] #lostinsm

Figuratively speaking, of course. The Proficient state is the last stage in the evolution cycle. Before diving into things, let’s quickly review the 4 social media adoption phases that come before the Pros. The Missing, which I previously introduced as the Mistrusting, represent a group that is absent from social media for one reason or another. Then come the Seekers who are all about experimentation and discovery. Up next are the Integrators who are starting to uncover the place of social media in the bigger picture and are learning to connect different tools, activities, resources and programs. In the fourth phase, the Relators are taking integration to new levels and advancing their practices far beyond those of the Integrators…until they reach a point where social media becomes a part of their DNA. Welcome to Nirvana!

Business. In its ultimate phase, social media will be Read More »

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Lost in Social Media: The Phase of Integration #lostinsm

Ready for the next installment of the 5-stage social adoption theory? The phase of Experimentation is over. In phase 3, social evolution reaches new heights. We’ll see the early benefits of Integration. On some levels at least.  

By now, this (third) group has learned about the tools, picked the ones they deem most appropriate and made the decision to embrace social media for marketing, now what? Soon it will become apparent that marketing can become more powerful if they start using these tools together and in support of an objective. This group is called “Integrators” because companies or organizations in this phase will start looking for integration opportunities between their social and traditional marketing efforts, and across (e.g., Facebook and Twitter harmonization) and within (e.g., Facebook X and Facebook Y harmonization) their social media platforms. They’re now starting to create a connected social media story but their efforts remain within their corner of the larger organization. In addition, Read More »

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Lost in Social Media: The Phase of Experimentation. Are You A Seeker? #lostinsm

Last week, I explored 4 reasons for not adopting social media. This week, I’ll be focusing on the second phase of adoption: experimentation. Let’s call this group “Seekers”. The Seekers are the early adopters gaining hands-on social media skills, experimenting with different tools and learning how to connect with their audience. In this phase, financial and human investment in social media marketing is typically scarce and most likely this group will not have advanced listening, monitoring or analytics tools besides the free resources available. The Seekers can be found in small pockets of the organization and their activities will be limited to a group, department, function or program. In large organizations, this phase will typically happen in silos where one or a few groups start experimenting independently. Some companies may decide to set up a central social media group, a hub, to test social media tools and tactics, and keep participation within the four walls of their department. Regardless of where the effort originates, these groups will not be about scale and sophistication. The first wave of Seekers within a company are known as the pioneers. Their grassroots efforts help prove a concept and set a foundation for others. Read More »

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