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Virgin Media and Us: The Real Story

By Everth Flores, Director & GM, Service Provider Video EMEA, Cisco

Quite the feeding frenzy this week over an expected bit of news about our partner, Virgin Media, and its supply chain plans for digital set-top boxes! Yeesh.

The facts: Per a long-standing agreement, we manufacture and supply TiVo-based digital set-top boxes to Virgin, as well as to Ono in Spain. To date, we’ve been the sole supplier of those devices — with the certain understanding that Virgin, like any sensibly minded operator, would at some point introduce a second source.

Earlier this week, and echoing an arrangement publicly disclosed earlier this year, that second source supplier was named as Samsung Electronics, which announced an apparent commitment for TiVo-based digital set-tops.

No one was ejected, no one was axed, no contracts expired. As un-sexy as it may sound, this was quite simply a second source supply decision, wholly anticipated by everyone involved.

Tell all your friends, thanks for helping us set the record straight, and to our competition: Bring it. :-)

Check out last Cisco’s 3G60 news with Virgin Media.

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