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Cisco highlights Multi-Vendor, Broadcast IP-Production Video Proof of Concept As Part of New “Media Blueprint”

Guest Blog by: Roger Sherwood, Cisco Manager of Sales Business Development for Service Provider

Roger Sherwood_Use this one_20JAN2016

The idea was born in Paris late 2015. 42 Mediatvcom and the R&D Department of public broadcaster France Televisions wanted to build a proof‐of-concept demonstration for broadcasters interested in interconnecting their television studios over IP.

The design parameters: it had to be end-to-end, interoperate across multiple vendors and showcase how studios can migrate to IP using open source components.

Next-generation IP Video routing is part of Cisco’s new “Media Blueprint,” to help broadcasters, content providers and media and entertainment companies make the move to all-IP infrastructure. Cisco’s part in the project involved our Nexus series of IP switches, which make it easier to connect and manage disparate data center resources using software-defined networking (SDN).   In the demo, Read More »

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Come Join Us for an NFV Event and Panel Discussion on “PoC to Proven” on Feb 2 in Palo Alto, CA -Sponsored by the Telecom Council

By Mina Paik , Product & Solutions Marketing Manager  Cloud and Virtualization – Service Provider 

Mina Paik (mpaik)

Over the past couple of years, a significant number of NFV PoCs have achieved positive outcomes that have led to a number of initial deployments by Service Providers, in areas such as cloud VPN, virtual CPE, and mobility services around the evolved packet core.

The good news is that the open, multivendor NFV ecosystem promises great potential and new market opportunities for both new and established vendors alike.

On Tuesday, February 2, 2016, JL Valente, VP of Product Management of Cisco’s Cloud and Virtualization Group will be participating in a deep dive panel discussion, sponsored by Telecom Council, specifically related to this very topic. Some of the questions that the panel will be answering include:
• How do startups in the telecom sector compete with established vendors?
• How do big vendors take advantage of the disruption to sell a new generation of equipment and solutions?
• Who wins?

We expect this to be a very informative and interesting session, for both Service Providers and vendors.
Details about this event and how to register can be found by going to Telecom Council’s events page.
We look forward to seeing you there.

For more information, follow us on Twitter @CiscoSP360.

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How Service Providers Can Help Businesses to Realize the Promise of the IoT Revolution

We are embarking on a new technological journey that will fundamentally change forever the economy, society and the way that we live. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a world where up to 50 billion things (or devices) will be connected to the Internet by 2020; or, the equivalent of 6 devices for every person on the planet.

How SP can help

The clear winners in this revolution will be those companies that, not only embrace the Internet of Things, but use it to transform their businesses. Those winning companies will be the ones that integrate IoT into their operations, products and customer interactions to create new business models and sources of value. In fact, McKinsey estimates that there could be as much as $11 trillion per year by 2025 in new economic value created by adopting IoT.

Businesses are beginning to Read More »

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SON Isn’t Just Network KPI Improvements (Part 2)

In the first part of this blog series (SON Isn’t Just Network KPI Improvements-Part 1), we discussed the need for automation and simplification to address growing challenges in network complexity. This part will discuss 3 areas that are good starting points for any MNO considering a SON deployment and why RF engineers eagerly embrace this new solution.

1. Parameter Auditing

Today, cell configuration auditing is extremely difficult, time intensive, and subject to human error.  Engineers go through an exhaustive process of defining and updating audit profiles then matching cells with the profiles. Many MNOs use one “golden” profile to audit all cells against, with the focus on general consistency and identifying the easiest problems to fix. A typical audit takes two-to-four hours per audit and is performed every two-to-three weeks. The RF engineer simply has no time to perform an in-depth analysis to determine if anything other than the standard parameters are incorrectly set.

RF engineers immediately see the benefit of a SON solution that enables the creation and enforcement of RF parameter profiles. It removes configuration errors in the network, reduces deployment timeline by automating the configuration of new cells, and audits against an unlimited number of “golden profiles” for cells in different RF environments (for example, urban, suburban, rural) areas.

2. Load Balancing

An engineer can Read More »

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Communications and IT Services – It’s Personal This Time

Cisco MOI Forecasts the Opportunity

Comm and IT Image 1_11JAN2016I think most of us take for granted how mobile data services have evolved over the past decade. From simply being able to access email to now watching live video streaming on our personal devices, the pace has been dramatic. Our service providers have also evolved. Now we can log into our accounts and see near real-time information on our calls, texts, and data usage. I can adjust my plan online by myself – add or remove services, alter my data quota, etc.

Our expectation for easy access to and control of our personal services is creeping into our professional lives, as well. For example, I want to customize the metrics I see for activity on web pages to show what matters most to me or my organization. Also, I want to have those results tallied, visualized, and delivered automatically. This is not a one size fits all world anymore. Orchestration, automation, and virtualization, using NFV and SDN technologies, open the door to new possibilities for service providers to bring similar flexibility to their business customers’ experiences.

Service providers have offered Read More »

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