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Why I’m old

ATT recently published their top 10 ringtones for 2007. The lists includes songs like”A Bay Bay” and”Crank That” and includes artists like”Mims” and”Akon,” with the top one being (drum roll, please):Party Like a Rockstar by Shop Boyz My biggest takeaway from the list? I’m old. Really old. I don’t recognize any of these songs -at all. And have maybe only heard of one or two of the artists. (I think a gray hair popped out on my head just by writing that-.) Read More »

Happy Holidays

What’s on your wish list this holiday season for your Connected Home?

christmas.jpgWouldn’t it be nice if all the devices, and technology, in your home worked better together?Here are some of my thoughts for your shopping list …Music -I like having music distributed throughout my home and having a single music library from which I can play my personal library or Internet radio content. Without requiring major home renovation, here’s a cool product that uses wireless mesh technology in your home to do just that. The SONOS system connects to your home network and provides access to all of your music content. It integrates with existing stereo equipment, digital music libraries and Internet Radio, and for a modest amount of money you can add music to multiple rooms in your house. The remote control unit itself allows your digital music collection to be accessed from anywhere in the home; you don’t have to be parked in front of your PC or Mac. Read More »

GK3 Event on The Future from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

monique_morrow.jpg“œKnowledge is Power -Experience it! was the key theme of the GK3 Conference held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last week. The conference tracks were on”Emerging People; Emerging Markets and Emerging Technologies.There was also a parallel session with the International Task Force on Women and ICTs and the UN Global Alliance for ICT and Development.Cisco was one of the many companies participating in both the Emerging Technologies track of GK3 and in the International Task Force on Women and ICTs. Michela Cipeletti , Cisco Director Engineering, participated in the ITF/UNGAID roundtable and panel discussions. Both Michela and myself with support from the Cisco Network Academy team, presented the”Becoming an Engineer” tape at the ITF tent in the exhibition hall. There were very enthusiastic discussions with a plethora of people from Mongolia, Africa, Indonesia, Guatemala, Ecuador, India etc. Read More »

Seeing is Believing

One of the cool things about working for Cisco is being able to use all the technology. Aside from the IP phone on my desk that I use everyday, I often use TelePresence to conduct “œin person” meetings with people from my team who are located around the globe. TelePresence was a hit from day one with customers, partners, and suppliers eager to get on board. According to a recent study we did, TelePresence will represent a $4B new service revenue opportunity for service providers by the year 2011. Do you have your order in yet? Listen to a recent conversation about TelePresence (held over a TelePresence session) between myself and Al Safarikas of Cisco on the service provider opportunity with TelePresence -- I’m the one on the other side of the screen.