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The Crazy Eights of EDGE QUEST

edge_quest_logo.gifHi. A few days ago I was recording a podcast for Cisco EDGE QUEST Game Tournament with uber-gamer/podcaster extraordinaire, Randy JordanThe Instance who runs a World of Warcraft podcast. After the session, we continued our conversation on communities developing around massively multiplayer online games (or MMOGs for short- which I believe is also the name of an alien robotic race on Star Trek) and how actual and virtual world lines are blurring. I was explaining that as a marketeer in the Web 2.0 world, we didn’t want to make our customer communications”too virtual” and that through this game and $10K winner-take-all tournament, that we really wanted know what the players are thinking. He said,”Ah, so it’s time for an EDGE QUEST Eight.” I replied in some educated way, saying”wha?” Randy responded (fortunately not referring to me as”Grasshopper”) that we should ping a select group with 8 questions and then have them distribute it to others, and so forth, effectively letting the Human Network itself disseminate it and compile feedback. Read More »

Cisco EDGE QUEST Tournament of Aces Design Bake Off : Artists on your Marks”¦

edge-quest.gifHi. Cisco ASR Edge Master Webster here. The Cisco EDGE QUEST Tournament of Aces is underway. And, many of you are tearing-it-up in as you work towards a top 100 score that will give you the opportunity to compete for US $10,000 and an ASR 1002 router (signed by the lead architect).As I mentioned in my last post, throughout the qualifying round (May 5th through June 11th), we’re going to introduce tips-n-tricks, news and fun, creative ways to engage with us during the tournament. So- A question for you-.Of all the questions that I’ve had on the EDGE QUEST game, I was expecting to get the most around what we did to make the Cisco ASR hypercraft fly (that would be a fun request to try to get past our engineers in a roadmap concept commit meeting-). Nope. Instead, I’ve had the most questions about the look of the Cisco ASR hypercraft. “Why not add stripes?” “Can you make it all black?” “How about teal with red stripes?”Enough is enough. Do you think you have a better design idea for the Cisco ASR craft? If so, bring your artistic vision and skills to the Cisco ASR EDGE QUEST Hypercraft Design Bake Off. How does this work?

  • Easy — Simply, go to our Facebook page and choose one of the three Cisco ASR 1000 Series router models and start designing. Add new parts and color away!
  • Submissions can be scanned or uploaded until 9 p.m. Pacific Time on May26 (5 a.m. UTC on May 27).
  • The top two designs will be revealed on May 27, and then it will be up to YOU to pick narrow the field where one will be chosen.
  • All can participate (and because it is about a router, see if you can’t apply the time to your”training” development goal for the year-
  • For ‘terms of submission’, click here.

Why do it?Bragging rights and a chance to see your design”in lights.” Your craft could very well be featured in the final EDGE QUEST Tournament of Aces winner take all “Money Round” that will take place on June 16, 2008.Have fun, get creative, and submit your design today. Who knows.. may be with your design, the engineers will listen a bit longer to the”flying router” idea-Live long and network!

Cisco Edge Quest Tournament of Aces : Can you handle it?

Hi. Cisco ASR Edge Master Webster here. I’m pleased to be officially announcing the Cisco Edge Quest Tournament of Aces. Thousands have played Cisco Edge Quest, an online game we introduced when we launched the new Cisco ASR 1000 Series Routers, the world’s most powerful compact router. In the game, players maneuver a hypercraft modeled after the router through various levels and increasingly use its capabilities to defend the network edge. It’s fast, fun, and hey, since learning comes through playing, it may even be able to be applied toward your”training” development goal at work-Now in this tournament, you can play, challenge a friend, and see if you score high enough during the qualifying round to be eligible to compete in the”money round” — a 24 hour winner-take-all battle where the highest scorer receives US$10,000 and a Cisco ASR 1000 Series Router (signed by the Senior Vice Presidents aka Network Commanders Pankaj Patel and Tony Bates along with lead architects of the product- I mean when was the last time you had a”signature edition” router?!)The Tournament of Aces will starts today, May 5 through June 11th, with top 100 qualifiers then going on to compete in a 24 hour battle on June 16th which will feature some brand new levels. Read More »

Top 20 Reasons”¦You know you’re an Internet Addict

addict.jpgIn advance of our recent Cisco ASR launch in which we embraced a whole range of Web 2.0 vehicles, we thought that creating a Facebook group to bring about a community of like-minded folks around technology was only appropriate. Our hope was that the group would gain traction not so much to market to but rather to learn from and frankly just as a forum where we can have some fun, too. Fortunately, things turned out just that way -while the Cisco ASR launch happened two months ago, the Facebook group that we call”Support Group for Uber User Internet Addicts” is still going strong with over 700 members, and it’s starting to create a life of its own. Of the recent activities we’ve had on the group (another one kicks off on Monday), this particular survey really generated a lot of participation. We asked the group,”You know you are an internet addict when-” and true to form, they collaborated in Human Network fashion came through with quite an entertaining list, below, proving that Web 2.0 not is a great platform for collaboration, but also that those uber-users are quite fun, too. Enjoy! Live long and network,DougBTW, if you’re reading this blog, you’re an Internet Addict too, so you might as well fess up to it an join too- ! Read More »

SofNet 2008: Soft-what?

logo_header2.gifI’m in London this week for a Next Generation Network conference that I’ve been attending each of the last four years. The first two times, the conference was very much around the transformation of service provider networks from TDM to IP with BT’s 21st Century Network being the shining example -and rightly so, considering their ground-breaking effort firmly puts them as one of the leaders of the industry. Last year, the conference moved to Milan, where the topic was IMS, or IP Multimedia Subsystem. While many of the vendors were jumping on the IMS bandwagon with abandon, Cisco has what I believe to be a more balanced view of IMS. Rather, instead of looking at it as an end-all-be-all approach to deliver services over the IP network, a provider should look at it as one potential part of the solution but not the only one needed. Because IMS is based on SIP, it can’t support many high demand and important current and future services that are non-SIP, from web-browsing to IPTV -and many of the services to be delivered over IMS, such as VoIP, are already delivered over IP in a non-SIP fashion, making its value quite questionable. Add lengthy standards body procedures into the mix, and it makes sense not to bet everything that IMS is going to be an SP savior. Read More »