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Location, Location, Location

Nokia recently announced plans to acquire NAVTEQ for $8.1B. At first glance, it’s no surprise that a leading mobile device company would want such valuable map data. When you’re on the move, you often want to know where you are and what’s around you. But consider this comment of Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, president and CEO of Nokia: “Location based services are one of the cornerstones of Nokia’s Internet services strategy. The acquisition of NAVTEQ is another step toward Nokia becoming a leading player in this space.” Hold the phone…what’s this about location based services and their Internet services strategy? Aren’t mobile operators-Nokia’s customers-usually considered the service providers? Indeed, mobile service providers have long anticipated new profits from location based services, built using subscriber location information mandated for emergency services. So far, those profits have proved elusive, perhaps because of stringent privacy concerns and regulations, or perhaps because such information is currently too expensive or too difficult for creative location application companies to flourish. Read More »

SecurView Speak out at the Cisco Powered Marketing Summit

Rajeev Khanolkar, president and CEO of SecurView Inc., shares his thoughts about Cisco managed security and the 2007 Cisco Powered Marketing Summit.

How Managed Services Providers Can Stay Relevant and Valuable

Kunjal notes that managed services providers need to respond to their customers’ changing needs — and drive sales -- by refreshing existing services to remain relevant and valuable.

The End of the Summit – The Beginning of a Relationship

Al Safarikas signs off from the 2007 Cisco Powered Marketing Summit.

Grace Hopper Women in Computing 2007, Orlando Florida

GraceHopper.gifYes, 1400 attendees internationally converged in Orlando, Florida for the Grace Hopper Women in Computing Conference last week, from Oct 17 to October 20.A group of women actually participated in the TechLeaders for Social Innovators Workshop held on October 17 2007. Cisco participants at the workshop, included Barbara Fraser, Corporate Consulting Engineering and myself. Other participants ranged from academia to private industry; and included a journalist who has been involved in human rights issues globally. Read More »