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Kick-Off! Beautifully Engineered

fall colorsI live in Texas. It’s getting to be Fall (translation: only 85o F today). And, well, as much as I’m a Formula One (Go Ferrari!) and soccer (or what most of the world calls ‘real football’) guy – here in the Lone Star State, Fall signifies the end of summer holiday, the start of school, and roaringly means that U.S. Football begins (Hook ’em!).

As with any sport played at a high level, there is a master plan of plays (the ‘Xs’ and the ‘Os’) that every team follows. Hours upon hours of preparation and engineering, if you will, create the blitzes, improvisations, and goal line stands that can transform a “game” into an “experience” for hundreds of thousands of people.

Much like a well designed game plan and honed physique, the Cisco ASR 9000 series router is beautifully engineered for the impending zettabyte era. There’s so much to this router that is extremely innovative, but because that innovation is often lost in very technical language and a sea of acronyms, it can be tough for many (my non-engineering self included) to fully appreciate it. That’s why I’m eager to introduce to you the “Beautifully Engineered” video series – short videos giving you analogies and word pictures articulating the unique building blocks and differentiators of the world’s most powerful edge router.

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Cisco at IBC: Cisco Enriches Digital Video Experience for Serbia Broadband Consumers

Medianet Technology Brings High-Definition Video and Personalized On-Demand Services to Southeast Europe
Cisco announces that it is developing an end-to-end digital video solution for Serbia Broadband (SBB) and Telemach in Slovenia to provide rich, interactive and personalized media experiences to their subscribers.

Starting November 2009, consumers will be able to access high-definition (HD) video, to be followed by a variety of interactive services such as real-time video on demand (VoD), digital video recording (DVR), gaming, and information retrieval for live news and weather updates.

Dragan Solak, Serbia Broadband and Telemach Board Chairman, shares why they chose Cisco to evolve its video network to a medianet.

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Cisco at IBC: From the Show Floor


Hybrid Solutions Generate Buzz
Ken Morse, CTO of Cisco Service Provider Video Technology Group, reports from IBC 2009 that glass-to-glass hybrid video solutions (IP with terrestrial, cable or satellite) are generating significant interest at the show. Cisco glass-to-glass solutions include content acquisition to consumer delivery via set-top boxes.

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The Compelling Business Case for IP Addressing Technologies

San Francisco

Jeff Doyle recently wrote a post about Carrier Grade NAT that I thought was right on the mark. IPv4 addresses are running out and could be expired as early as 2011. The main issue is that end points keep increasing and these endpoints need IPv4 addresses whether they are new broadband subscribers, electric meters, mobile phones, etc. As Jeff states in his article, dual-stack is one way to migrate to IPv6. However it provides a migration solution assuming you have enough IPv4 addresses to last while you migrate everything to IPv6. Unfortunately, we do not.

Instead, we have to rely on in-home solutions to the problems. Today’s broadband subscribers get a public IPv4 address and then typically have a wireless router in their home that does NAT44 (public IPv4 to private IPv4) which allocates private IP addresses inside the home. For example, at my house, my wireless router enables me to have discrete IP addresses for my windows laptop, home MAC, LG Netflix enabled Blue Ray Player, Sling Box, HP printer, etc. So it provides multiple private addresses while as a household I only consume one public address.

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Cisco at IBC 2009

How Medianets Are Transforming the Video Experience

IPTV and Hybrid set-topsNew Cisco IPTV and Hybrid set-top series offer more processing power and home networking features than previous models.

In the video interview below, Cisco’s Bob McIntyre and Murali Nemani discuss key examples of how medianet technology is helping service provider customers manage the complexity and scale of video delivery to ensure quality of service for the end user.

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