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NAB Show 2009: Transforming the Video Experience

Our host speaks with attendees on how Cisco enables broadcasters to realize the full potential of IP contribution networks and powerful next-generation distribution networks.

NAB Show 2009: Video Contribution Codec Demo

John Bach, Sr. Product Manager, introduces new video contribution codecs, the Cisco D9094 Encoder and D9894 Decoder, used to transport video over IP networks for broadcasters and service providers establishing high quality point-to-point video connections.

iPhone and iPod Touch Now Have an Edge

I am pleased to announce that arguably the World’s most popular (and, likely the only) router-based game, Cisco Edge Quest, is now available (free and freely) from the App store.imageThis mobile derivative of our online game, which has been played by more than 60,000 worldwide, challenges players to take full advantage of the massive capabilities of the ASR 9000 in a fun, interactive way. In fact, my three year-old daughter has taken to the ways of her “Edge Master” father, by honing her skills in the back seat on drives to school. Hearing a young voice get excited about acquiring a speed upgrade or taking pity on her competitors about not being able to keep above five 9’s of reliablity, needless to say, makes her father quite proud.So don’t be upstaged by my daughter – or any of the other 60,000 players. Grab your iPhone (or iPod touch), download the game, hang on, and “engage” the power of the world’s most powerful edge router, iPhone-style.Oh, and please share the fun by spreading the word through word-of-mouth, forwarding, Twittering, blogging or even Fluttering.EdgeMaster Doug

Just the Facts…About Video

video - the factsI am one of those consumers who loves her DVR. I love being able to watch my favorite shows when I want to. Time-shifting – a great invention brought to us by technology! I also love that I don’t have to watch commercials. I admit…I skip commercials whenever I can!However, I recently watched the new Sprint commercial. I liked it. Have you seen it? It’s not the commercial with their CEO – it is about the NOW network – and gives us facts about what’s happening NOW….23 million cell phone calls are being made…1 million e-mails are in route…2 million people are sending a text message during a business meeting…the talking boxer is being updated to YouTube from someone’s phone …233,000 people just Twittered on Twitter…6000 people are researching restaurants in a cab…Fun facts…facts that I identify with (sometimes I believe those 1 million e-mails have hit my Outlook). Here are a few other facts that you might find interesting: Read More »

From IETF74 San Francisco to “The Wearable Sixth Sense”

Monique MorrowSo it has been a few weeks since the IETF74 held in San Francisco, California on March 22-27, 2009.With a packed agenda, one could imagine that the meetings were quite busy.At the IAB Technical Plenary we listened to various speakers representing the vendor and service provider community who participated in the following MPLS panel entitled: “MPLS turns 12: A successful protocol’s history and lessons learned”One point emphasized during the course of the discussions, was that there should have been a focus on OAM from the beginning, something that the current protocol developers are focused on. Read More »