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Cisco Edge Quest 2 Tournament – Week Two Begins

The first week of the Cisco Edge Quest 2 tournament has just wrapped up, and as we get into the the second and final week of the tournament, it’s fair to say that the competition has been quite spirited…! Not only have thousands proved that they can handle the power of the Cisco ASR 9000, but some of you are, well, quite good and giving me a run for my self-proclaimed title of “Edge Master.”While we’ll announce the winners of the first week soon, don’t forget that it’s not too late to play as your second opportunity has just started. Read More »

Broadband Progress

phone jackEven in the current economy, the number of broadband subscribers continues to increase. Recent reports suggest that even in the current macroeconomic environments, consumers are unwilling to give up their broadband connections. Verizon now has a total of 1.9M subs for their FiOS service, Comcast at 24.6M subs, Time Warner at 8.6Msubs.Think about it – would you be willing to go back to a modem connection? Shoot me now because my level of expectation is so high that I can’t wait an hour for a powerpoint presentation. And a funny video sent to me by a friend? (This is one of my favorites…). That would take me offline for the afternoon if I were modem-tied. Rather, I’m a broadband-o-phile all the way, and, chances are, if you’re reading this post, you are too. Read More »

Top Three Reasons to Play (and Challenge a Friend) in the Cisco Edge Quest 2 Tournament

Edge Quest 2 Tournament - Get your game on!Hello. It’s Cisco ASR 9000 Edge Master Webster, again.I am pleased to launch the Cisco Edge Quest 2 Tournament – starting today and running through Friday March 6th. TWO weeks and ample opportunity for you to practice and submit your scores, so you too can gain “EdgeMaster” status and win some great prizes to boot!!Edge Quest 2 is a fast, fun online game highlighting the Cisco ASR 9000 series router. And, I’m convinced you’ll want to prove your Edge expertise by start some friendly “challenges” with your friend, foe and family. There are three levels to the game, and, to you, I offer the top three reasons to participate and compete to win: Read More »

Mobile World Congress 2009: Virtual Equipment

For a virtual tradeshow, what better way to show a portfolio that is too vast to ship and display in a room? Here’s the IP next generation technology Cisco’s way, interactively expanding the scope of what’s shown while reducing the carbon footprint to do it.

Mobile World Congress 2009: Japan=Mobility

Edzard Overbeek, Senior Vice President and Japan Country Manager, discusses the latest trends taking hold in Japan which has both innovative providers and a populace that embraces the many benefits of technology. Look for these trends to come to you soon…but if you can’t wait, book a flight to Japan to experience them for yourself today.