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NXTcomm Update: Cisco Nexus 7000 Finalist for EOS Award

Here at the NXTcomm08 tradeshow in Las Vegas, the Nexus 7000 has been awarded finalist status in the prestigious EOS Awards for Excellence in Technology Innovation.Cisco would like to thank the NxtComm08 EOS selection committee, which has clearly recognized the innovation that the Nexus 7000 brings to the Data Center via support of transport flexibility, operational continuity, infrastructure scale and unified fabric, creating a new category -- Data Center Class Switch -- in the process.Thomas Keenan, Dir. SP Data Center SolutionsGuest Blogger

NXTcomm Update: Bob McIntyre Talks Quad Play

Bob McIntyre, SVP Service Provider Video Technology Group, discusses Quad Play and the future of customer trends and demands for data, voice, and video delivered anytime…anywhere.Thomas Keenan, Dir. SP Data Center SolutionsGuest Blogger

NXTcomm Update: Cisco IP NGN and the Connected Life

Thomas Barnett, Manager Market Development, discusses how the Cisco IP Next Generation Network enables the Connected Life. Service providers worldwide are delivering innovative new services to consumers at home, at work, and on the move.Tony Harris, Program Manager, SP MarketingGuest Blogger

EDGE QUEST – Let the Final Round Begin!

After our first announcement, more than 40 thousand players have taken the EdgeQuest challenge, and now it’s time for the top registered scorers to move on to the final Tournament of Aces and play for a chance to win $10,000, a”signature edition” of an Cisco ASR 1002 router, and earn the bragging rights to the title of”Edge Master.” It’s been a lot of fun. We’re proud of the Cisco ASR 1000 series and some of the new ways we’ve started to engage the market as a result of taking these products to market. We’ve enjoyed some of the great feedback from Paul Young at Product Beautiful, Scott Johnson at MyExtraLife, Craig Matsumoto at Light Reading (here’s hoping you can get past the first level next time, Craig-!) and others.To add some intrigue to the tournament, for all of you gamers, we’ve created 4 never seen before levels that are sure to challenge your skills (don’t worry, if you didn’t make it into the tournament you’ll have a chance to check out these new levels by the end of the month). So, at this point, there are likely two main questions to answer as we get ready for the next round: Read More »

Simulcrypt: May They Live Happily Ever After

Peaceful Coexistence of Multiple CA SystemsContent security and conditional access systems (CAS) have been traditionally, at least in part, proprietary systems. While many CAS use standardized encryption algorithms, the key management and distribution techniques as well as entitlement messaging of each system have usually been kept”under wraps”. This presents a roadblock of sorts to the deployment of receiving devices from multiple vendors within a cable or IPTV system. Simulcrypt, which supports coexistence of two or more different CAS operating simultaneously in one system, is a technology that can enable existing CableCARD options and the evolving Downloadable CAS (DCAS) scenario when legacy receiving devices are already in place. The Simulcrypt specifications resulted from a DVB project and can be downloaded for no cost at the ETSI web site. While Simulcrypt has not traditionally generated a great deal of interest with the North American MSOs, there have been international CATV deployments of Simulcrypt and there is evidence of interest in the IPTV world. Read More »