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Mobile World Congress 2009: How Fast Are You Right Here, Right Now?

Our host, Doug Webster, talks about how Cisco’s Global Internet Speed Test allows consumers to see their own digital fingerprint and determine their network speed at any location or place. Not only does GIST help users optimize their activities in the human network, but it also helps Cisco and providers learn more about consumer usage to help better develop and plan deployments to optimize your network experiences for the future.

Mobile World Congress 2009: From Emerging to Next Generation

Massimo Migliuolo and Tony Shakib, Vice Presidents for Emerging Markets, give their perspectives on the changes in the mobile industry over the last few years and how many nations with developing infrastructure are among the leaders in their aggressive deployment of the latest IP-based next generation infrastructure.

Mobile World Congress 2009: 4G=IP

While the mobile industry and many in the media are debating the merits of one access technology over the other, our host, Doug Webster, highlights that the debate isn’t really necessary since no matter which approach a provider chooses, they are going an all-IP route. The website shows how in an innovative and often humorous way that regardless of the approach taken – in this case whether animation, man-on-street interviews, or computer generated imagery is used – the outcome, IP, remains the same.

Mobile World Congress 2009: Perspectives and Signing Off from Barcelona

Suraj Shetty, VP Worldwide Service Provider and our opening interviewee, closes the loop in this final segment by providing his thoughts on MWC2009 and our dual (physical and virtual) approach in engaging our customers.Host, Doug Webster, signs off after four long days in Barcelona. The experience does not end with MWC2009. Let’s continue the conversation in the virtual world at our Service Provider Mobility Concierge.

Mobile World Congress 2009: The Mobile IP Traffic Wave Cometh

The Cisco Visual Networking Index mobile update projects a 66 fold increase between 2008 and 2013, driven by video and the use of full-featured 4G enabled devices. Get the highlights, presented in a Bob Dylan/INXS style against a backdrop of Old Barcelona.