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ITU 2009: John Chambers Wraps Up on Final Day from Geneva

John Chambers, Chairman and CEO, Cisco Systems, summarizes his experience at ITU highlighting how the network will become the platform for innovation, how broadband is enabling job creation and entertainment, and how service providers are looking to partner with Cisco in new innovative ways moving forward.

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A Wake-Up Call for the Internet

Hello, from Geneva where I’ve been attending the ITU Telecom World Conference for the last few days. It’s been three years since the last show, and it’s energizing to see the ever increasing recognition as to the increased role that the network can play in improving business and change lives. While different sections of the show tend to focus on different topics, much of the discussion at the “Internet Pavilion” (hosted by ICANN, ISOC and NRO) by global leaders and attendees has been on the future of telecommunications.

One of the key concerns that surfaces when discussing the future of IT is the imminent depletion of IPv4 addresses and the need to accelerate deployment of IPv6 in the wake of massive growth of IP-enabled devices. I know, I know…IPv6 discussions have been around for awhile. But here are some real eye-openers gained this week that really show that this is a topic that must be addressed much sooner than later:

  • ITU forecasts the number of mobile subscriptions to top 4.6 billion by the end of this calendar year.
  • Wireless broadband subscriptions (600 million) exceeded fixed broadband subscribers in 2008.
  • A quarter of the word’s people – approximately 1.9 billion – have access to a computer at home (not to mention the proliferation of so many other mobile and IP-based devices)

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ITU 2009: The Cisco and Bharti Airtel Alliance for Services

P.K. Peruvemba and I talk about the Cisco/Bharti Airtel Alliance for Services. Bharti Airtel and Cisco today announced a strategic business alliance to create products and services for the small, medium and large enterprises.

  • A suite of jointly created unique products, including managed data services, hosted unified communications, connected branch services and Cisco TelePresence, will be launched in a phased manner
  • The combination of wide network reach and extensive scope of managed services of Bharti Airtel and Cisco make this alliance one of the broadest in the industry

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ITU 2009: Day 2 from Geneva Highlighting News from Telefonica and Turkcell

Starting off day 2 from Geneva by recapping some news from Telefonica and Turkcell. The agenda for today encompasses a CTO Roundtable and a news announcement from 13000 miles away.

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ITU 2009: SP European Customer Trends & Insights

Customer trends are highlighted from ITU Geneva in a conversation with Edwin Paalvast as we expand upon the clear messages from customers:

  • how do we extend revenue?
  • how do we get new services into the verticals?
  • how can we leverage the networks and help them be more profitable while saving costs?

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