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Social Media Marketing for Service Providers – Podcasting with Gabriel Garcia, CEO of PodCookie

Gabriel Garcia of gives an overview of podcasting and how companies can leverage this tool to extend their marketing brand. In this interview with Cisco’s Zoya Fallah, he also discusses the business benefits of podcasting in a business to business space and business to consumer space.

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From IETF 76 Japan to the Internet of Things!

Ok I am visiting Australia, and in between meetings thinking about that notion of the Internet of Things or IoT. At the IETF 76 held in Hiroshima, Japan, one of the Birds of a Feather sessions I had attended was on Smart Grid co-chaired by Fred Baker, Cisco and Tim Polk, NIST.

The question to answer is “Where should the Smart Grid standardization occur and what role will the IETF have in its standards development?” The topic is still open, and the Internet Society published a great list of hotly debated issues at IETF 76.

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Social Media Marketing for Service Providers – David M. Scott: Buyer Persona Insights Part 4

David Meerman Scott gives insight into understanding buyer personas. This is the fourth in a series of videos conducted by Stacy Spognardi of Cisco focused on opening up a discussion about social media within the service provider community (and beyond). David looks into profiling buyers and how buyer personas help companies understand their customers.

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Telecom Italia: Profile of Innovating and Leading in Managed Services

Successfully navigating through the economic downturn requires the right strategies, the right investments, and the right partnerships. During a recent visit to Cisco’s San Jose Executive Briefing Center, Telecom Italia‘s senior leadership team shares how they are using this downturn to introduce new managed services and new business models to better serve the Small and Medium business segment and win market share.

Key to Telecom Italia’s success is their partnership with Cisco. Over the past several years, Cisco has helped Telecom Italia design and implement their “Impresa Semplice” managed service portfolio that provides SMBs with services including: managed LAN, managed VPN, managed firewall, and managed unified communications. In this video, Telecom Italia shares their perspective on the market, key success factors, and the power of partnerships to accelerate innovation.

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Edge Routers! Lowest Price! Don’t Pay a Cent! Get a Great Deal Now!

We are constantly bombarded with headline ads like these, especially at this time of year, offering us the “lowest” price on just about anything, from cars, to electronics like an ultra-HD Flip video camera, clothing, and even dental work. Black Friday, traditionally known for huge sales, and named for the day that shoppers push retailers into profitability is a great example. Cisco ASR 9000 Series Total Cost of OwnershipIn fact, this year in the US, many retailers opened their doors on Thanksgiving Day, at 12:00 midnight aiming to capture early bird shoppers the day beforehand (crazy Americans). With the unsettled state of our economy, many consumers have remained frugal over the past year, and thus the heightened pitch of “best price deals” surrounds us.

What is a great deal? It is really about going back to the basics to determine the total cost of ownership. In the world of Service Provider Infrastructure, a key fact to remember is that the initial price is not the “true” value and accounts for only thirty percent of the total cost.

How about getting the best value for your edge routers? The Cisco ASR 9000 Series the most powerful and scalable edge router in the industry and it may not be the lowest priced on day one. However, an amazing fact is that over the longer term, the ASR 9000 offers the lowest total cost of ownership. How can that be?

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