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Defining Green

Beyond Power Consumption: What it Really Means to Go GreenGreen is the color of choice these days. It seems everywhere I look, I see another company marketing its products or services as environmentally friendly, or “Green.” Some of these efforts test the limits of credibility, as described in this wikipedia post on “Greenwashing.”While I appreciate and applaud the increased level of environmental awareness among corporations, as more and more companies attempt to promote themselves as Green, discerning consumers are left with the challenge of trying to separate fact from fiction. Read More »

Cisco CRS-1: Five Years Strong

Cisco CRS-1 Celebrates 5 Year AnniversaryHappy Birthday, CRS-1! Our flagship router, the Cisco Carrier Routing System, or CRS-1, just celebrated its 5 year anniversary in style with the announcement of three new customers:

  • Megafon, the largest mobile provider in Russia which is deploying a new 3G network for the country
  • Free, in France, which has a range of offerings, including its Fiber-To-The-Home broadband offering (of which, as a consumer, I’m envious it’s not available in my neighborhood)
  • Mobinil, in Egypt, which is that country’s largest mobile provider offering a range of multimedia services, such as mobile TV.

These three providers join the ranks of more than 300 others in the world, including ATT, BT, Comcast, DT, Swisscom, Softbank and more, that are using the CRS-1 as their core platform to support the growth of their businesses. Read More »

Enabling SP Business Models for Cloud Services

SP Business Models for Cloud ServicesPerhaps you’re wondering where the demand for cloud services will come from, what will be the key market drivers, and how will service provider business models fit into the expanding view of the overall IT infrastructure virtualization market landscape.A prime indicator of the upcoming groundswell came from attendees at a recent IT tradeshow. Despite the reported benefits of virtualization, a majority of IT managers polled at Interop say they experience problems with the technology and don’t always realize the anticipated cost benefit.A Market Primed for Cloud ServicesMore than one-fourth of those polled at Interop cited a lack of training on virtual infrastructure and 21% expressed concern over an inability to secure the infrastructure. For nearly 60%, the primary problem with virtualization was a lack of experience to appropriately manage the technology and nearly 50% said that technology implementation costs were too high. Read More »

Profile of the Agile 21st Century SP Infrastructure

We’re now entering an exciting period of creativity within the broadband sector. Facilities-based services providers have a unique opportunity to apply their inherent advantage — yes, superior infrastructure matters. It’s a key deciding factor in sustainable growth.imageMost industry analysts believe that the potent combination of the IP NGN and a re-architected data center infrastructure will progressively change the market dynamics — re-engineering legacy cost structures, enabling greater business agility and positively accelerating differentiated go-to-market strategies.Demand for Rich Media ApplicationsYour customers expect a richer, higher-quality media experience, and they want access to more kinds of content than ever before. Are you prepared?They anticipate the same interactivity, personalization, mobility, and control that they have come to expect from the Internet across all media. They also demand access to any type of content, whenever and wherever they choose, over a variety of devices and screens at a high quality.Transforming service delivery is essential for meeting the increasingly complex demands of immersive user experiences. These requirements are creating the opportunity for a variety of new transaction-based and revenue-sharing business models — through new forms of collaborative partnerships with content and application providers. Read More »

Unification and Optimization of SP Data Center Assets

In the near term, even without the current global economic challenges, it’s apparent that 2009 was already going to be a year of significant transition for most broadband service providers.silosA recent assessment from Mike Cansfield at Forrester Research describes how the traditional one-size-fits-all business model in the communications sector is breaking down. Moreover, new ways for service providers (SPs) to do business are emerging, and as a result, strategists have hard choices to make.Legacy Barriers Handicap InnovationCansfield believes that the typical SP operational model is inherently inefficient. Product silos lead to multiple overlapping functions structurally – in terms of people – and can also lead to duplicate IT systems. Any service provider wanting to introduce new services essentially has to build more overlay networks with associated systems – it’s an inherently slow and inefficient process. Read More »