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Towards IPv6

monique_morrow.jpgThe topic of IPv6 is not new in the industry. In fact, IPv6 has been hotter now than ever, particularly around IPv4 address exhaustion and application readiness. Cisco’s Tony Hain is an IPv6 Forum Fellow. Cisco IPv6 product manager and evangelist, Patrick Grossetet has been driving IPv6 development at Cisco.Geoff Huston, Chief Scientist APNIC has been exploring IPv6 transit.In fact, this past January 2008, Google held an IPv6 summit where both Tony and Patrick had been present. Google’s Vint Cerf hosted the summit; and Vint facilitated the IPv6 discussion with industry thought leaders, architects.Patrick spoke about planning for IPv6 integration. One can view the YouTube dialogue at: Google IPv6 Conference 2008.

Conclusion, service providers will be pivotal in IPv6 implementation internationally. The industry is still grappling with the issues around IPv6 transition for infrastructure, applications and content. IPv6 implementation is not a matter of if rather, it is a matter of when.IPv6 stay tuned!

Introducing the World’s Most Powerful Compact Router”¦ (And changing the notion of

Yesterday, we introduced the newest addition to the Cisco edge portfolio, the Cisco Aggregation Services Router 1000 series, which is a testament to innovation of our engineers, a foundational platform to help providers transform the edge of their networks, and a proofpoint to our IPNGN architectural vision. We have a massive amount of content that can provide quite a bit of detail on the product and Suraj has already highlighted the virtual, viral, and visual aspects of the marketing that went into this launch. For this forum though, I think there are three key aspects of this platform which will have particular ramifications for the providers business. Read More »

Virtual. Viral. Visual (“¦ it’s getting easier to be green with Web 2.0)

Communicating virtually, virally and visually empowers the end user to receive information at home, at work and on the move -and, in an environmentally friendly way. Can these make up the mantra for the launches and marketing in the 21st century? At Cisco, we think so!”Everything Web 2.0: and”Green everything“seems to surround us in traditional media, online and, as we increasingly discover, even in the grocery store around the corner. Certainly, this is the vision for Cisco, for industry and for the way the world will operate going forward. The launch of the ASR 1000 Series Router Series is a turning point for the way we will take products to market -- virtually, virally, visually and green. Read More »

SP CTO Update

monique_morrow.jpg Since my last posting welcoming the Chinese New Year in January, I have been fairly busy and yes standards has been definitely top of mind. So in January 2008, the ITU-T SG 13 was hosted in Seoul, South Korea.The crux of the meeting was around TMPLS OAM Requirements, draft G.8113 and TMPLS OAM Mechanisms, draft G.8114 in Question 5 of SG 13. IETF-IAB sent key leadership members to participate in the meeting as representatives of the Internet Society or ISOC. The IETF-IAB had expressed grave concerns around TMPLS, re-use of label 14 and interoperability overall with existing MPLS networks. The IETF-IAB had participated in an interim meeting held in, September 2007 jointly with ITU-T SG-15 leadership, where an agreement to collaborate in the form of a Joint Working Team, JWT-Ad Hoc team had been reached. Read More »

Welcome to The Exabyte Era

The next big wave of IP traffic growth is upon us, which will be having dramatic impacts on the providers and their networks. At the “Core” of it all (please forgive the pun and foreshadowing…) is the empowered consumer, who is using video and Web 2.0 networked-based applications in ways unforeseen just a few years ago and, in turn, is helping to inspire major changes at the business customers as well. Randall Stephenson, Chairman and CEO of ATT, recently made a comment that the bandwidth glut of the past is gone and, ironically, was exhausted by “primitive” applications (Click here for a Light Reading story of Mr. Stephenson’s comments) -- as more sophisticated applications come about into the mainstream, such as telepresence and more high-definition video, the need for bandwidth will sky-rocket. Read More »