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Perfect Data Center

data centerAs of late, much attention in the industry has been paid to Data Centers and for good reason – it’s a fundamental part of the network that is powering the Connected Life experience for us all, and like Enterprises, it will be a critical part of the Service Provider architecture. On the Data Center blog this week, Omar posted an interesting video on StataScale that is a worthwhile watch. In SP land, we speak about keeping high availability and five 9’s – in this case, though, StrataScale is able to go even further by offering perfection – a 100% uptime Service Level Agreement.It’s a testament not just to their operational efficiency but also to the ever increasing expectations of network users that is creating the need for such an SLA. People continually want better and better experiences, and ground-breaking providers, like StrataScale, are going to be able to be at the forefront to capture the opportunity that such demand brings.

Are you a Super User?

Sure there is invariably going to be the requisite smack talking around this topic – John Earnhardt claims that he was twittering when”it was spelled with only ‘t'” and Mike Kisch counters that he has adopted a”100% visual lifestyle” also known as”videotarian” (ok, not really, but go with me on this one…).To help settle things once and for all, Cisco recently announced the Cisco VNI Pulse PC Application – it’s a free application to show users how much network bandwidth they consume and the types of applications they use. This application shows users the amount and types of traffic that flow to and from their computer and provides aggregated network usage proof points of all global users of this application for comparison purposes. Read More »

So you mastered finding Waldo and Goldbug, now test your skills with Cisco Smarts

Waldo and Goldbug charactersWe’ve all spent countless hours scanning every inch of every page of “Where’s Waldo” and “Cars and Trucks and Things That Go” trying to find that iconic striped shirt and smiling goldbug all the while learning about different people, places, and things. Read More »

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

heartsIt’s that time of year again when I’m on the hunt to find the absolute perfect valentine’s gift for my wife (part of my continuing effort to justify why someone like her should still give someone like me the time of day.)Because of the vital importance of this to my overall state of mind, I need something that inspires a sense of awe in her, signifies her importance to me, and represents”Forever,””Commitment,” and”I love you.”Such a large task is usually quite difficult to achieve, but, this year, thanks to techedgeweekly, my search is over-this idea is perfect!

Video Everywhere

highways for videoOver the last year, we have continued to see mass adoption of video in every aspect of our lives and it is changing the way we live, work play and learn. Just this weekend, I was with a friend showing off his new ‘toy’ a SlingCatcher, watching videos coming into his laptop on his TV screen. As if this was not enough, he also had his DVR accessible from his new Blackberry Storm watching the sports highlights. Just look anywhere online or offline, at work or at home, video is become pervasive across multiple screens and across multiple access technologies for not just entertainment but also for communications. Clearly this will validate the growth in traffic in IP networks and impact networks worldwide. Most Service Providers have been anticipating this growth and considering all types of options to prepare themselves to stay ahead of the traffic growth curve cost effectively. But what we need to ask is – will we ever get ahead of the curve? If we take the analogy of roads and traffic, given enough time, every highway/freeway/road is challenged with the volume of traffic requiring continual expansion. So, whether it’s your favorite access technology (3G, 4G, FTTX, xDSL, etc.) or the most exotic technology in the transmission network, just remember….the only constant is ‘change’. We will continue to see new ways of filling up the pipes…and for someone that builds routers, that’s music to my ears. :)