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20th Anniversary of the Web: Congratulations!

Monique MorrowDid you know? On March 13, 2009, the World Wide Web celebrated 20 years and to quote, “…something happened at CERN that would change the world forever: Tim Berners-Lee handed a document to his supervisor Mike Sendall entitled “Information Management : a Proposal“To assess the impact of this “proposal” on society and the way we communicate, wow, look at so called collaboration 2.0 tools like blogging, wikis or perhaps evolution of the web to “semantic web” or Web 3.0. Read More »

QoS and the Last 10 Feet

conference callingCisco and the industry have invested a lot of time, money and effort into enabling routers and switches to provide Quality of Service (QoS). That is, the ability to prioritize traffic that requires special treatment, like real time voice and video traffic, over other traffic that can get to the destination a little slower, like email. The beauty of IP is that these packets can carry virtually any application, making the handling a variety of services over a single IP NGN network possible.So what is the deal when I am on a VoIP phone call from my home office, presenting to my boss, and all the sudden he says “Mike, you are breaking up, we can’t understand you. Mike? Mike………..Mike we are going to have to move on to the next presenter, see if you can call back on a hard line.” Hmmmm, is that good for my career? Now I know from experience that many Service Providers have turned these QoS capabilities on in their network and in fact even leverage new capabilities like hierarchical per-subscriber QoS that Cisco offers in our Ethernet edge routers like the ASR 9000. So what gives?My hypothesis is that one of the challenges we are seeing today is congestion in the access network (e.g. DSL) combined with strained performance of home routers and even personal computers that may contain a VoIP soft client. For example, I recently switched out my home router and also hard wired 100M Ethernet connections inside my home. For me, this has done wonders to improve my VoIP experience…even when I am receiving large video files from one of my relatives (not to be named here) who has way too much time on their hands.

Future of TV

Future of TVWell, I am up to 13 followers on Twitter this week – but Twitter did connect me with a special person – which led me to write this blog on TV watching.Last night I got a tweet that Sid Topol was following me – and I was thrilled to know that in his retirement he was on Twitter – that he was still “into” technology. While I don’t know Sid’s age, I do know he is a ’47 graduate of UMass…so he doesn’t really fit the demographic for Twitter, but Sid has always been a leader in technology.Sidney (Sid) Topol joined Scientific Atlanta (now Cisco) in 1971 as president – went on to be the CEO and Chairman of the Board. It was during Sid’s leadership that Scientific Atlanta got into the video business – with “the Thrilla in Manila” in 1975 which was the first HBO satellite TV delivery – and used Scientific Atlanta satellite equipment.Sid was a television visionary. In 1982, he was quoted saying…“I think eventually there are going to be three boxes in the home. The three boxes may be incorporated all in one big box…the addressable 100-channel set-top terminal with tiering and pay-per-view…an interactive terminal for shopping, banking, security and that sort of thing…a modem which interconnects the cable system with personal computers – at high speed.”

– Sidney Topol
“…from the top”
CableVision – September 13, 1982

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From APRICOT 2009 to Next Generation Company and Teleportation!

Monique MorrowSo I participated at APRICOT 2009 in Manila, IPv4 address exhaustion and IPv6 were plenary topics and generated lots of debates and dynamic discussions only to affirm the importance of this topic in the industry.Additionally, speaking with customers locally, there is quite an interest in competitive business models and service monetization examples, this is no surprise really; with the macroeconomic and financial sensitivities comes the natural requirements, to both generate revenue and be profitable.So I am back in the future, listening to Cisco CEO John Chambers speak about the “Building the Next Generation Company: Innovation, Talent and Excellence,” October 15 2008 at MIT, and I could not help noticing John mentioning the use of “holograms” during his presentation. Read More »

How Do You Use Twitter for Business?

CiscoSP360 on TwitterTweeters Use Twitter for Business…was a story that ran recently through MediaPost’s ONLINE Media Daily and caught my attention.My work at Cisco doesn’t require me to be an engineer – I am a marketer…(DON’T STOP READING!)I do have 30+ years in the technology industry so I am “tech savvy.” My technology career started back in the days of word processors, moved on to companies like Hayes modems (remember the 2400 bps PC modem we thought was fast?) and to see bulletin board systems and the “BBS Con event” give way to the Internet. For the past 14 years, I’ve been a “video technology gal” working for Scientific Atlanta which was acquired by Cisco in 2006. Read More »