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Not a car, a school bus, or a dumptruck…

Not a car, a school bus, or a dumptruck? More than a week later, and it seems that the reporter I mentioned in an earlier post is still a bit stumped as to the announcement Cisco is coming out with on November 11th.Here are some clips of his not-so-successful interviews with our CTO Padmasree Warrior, SVP Pankaj Patel, and CEO & Chairman John Chambers.Hang in there, Ira, only a few more days to go!

Cisco Launching a Car?

intrepid reporter at deskThat is the hypothesis of a”reporter” from TechEdge Weekly who was wandering our campus recently. He and his editor were at Cisco headquarters recently asking questions of some of our most senior executives -even John Chambers. He crossed my path in an elevator, and I don’t think he gleaned much-he was a bit”tied up” and distracted. The reporter also apparently ran into John Earnhardt, who writes for our main Platform blog, who was out and about this weekend in Menlo Park (likely buying a train or firetruck toy-) Firetrucks, Trains and Video -- The PlatformI can’t comment on Ira’s hypothesis that Cisco is getting into the car business. If true, it would be a pretty dramatic expansion of our business model. While I like to think that I usually have a heads up on our big announcements and know of one major announcement on the 11th, I have to admit that this time though I am scratching my head on the car idea.A couple of questions that I’m curious about if true:

  • What’s the mileage?
  • Do we get a good employee discount?
  • Does it have Corinthian leather?

Here are some clips of our reporter’s meetings with our VP of PR, Terry Anderson, and our CEO, John Chambers. Though apparently, the reporter needs to do a bit more background research on our Company’s leadership, I have to admit that I am intrigued to see what turns up in part 2-. In the meantime, I’ll likely be peppering his blog with a few questions-.

Powering Down the Network?

wind turbines Noticed the rising energy cost recently? What have you done to lower the carbon footprint? The IT and Communications infrastructure is growing dramatically driven by increasing traffic loads. Enterprises and Service Providers are incurring rising energy costs and exploring ways to control these expenses. While it’s important for all equipment vendors to do all that is possible to improve the energy efficiency, it’s important to consider the following. Within the enterprise the power use per employee is up dramatically with the deployment of high power computers, printers, telphone and peripheral devices. Infact, even some of the new technologies that enable collaboration incur additional energy costs. In addition, the computing and storage power required within the data center continues to rise driven by an insatiable appetite for personal and professional content. Relatively speaking, the network’s contribution to the overall energy consumption is much lower than all of the other components. Read More »

Mobile Safety

Flickr: Cell phones while drivingDuring a meeting break, I step outside to use my mobile phone. As I finish the call, an older gentleman jokes that in his day, they all smoked during breaks and risked lung cancer; now we all use mobiles and risk brain cancer. But with more than a billion mobile phones in use, any considerable health risks would probably have appeared by now. For instance, the recent Interphone study seems inconclusive, flawed with various biases. Perhaps the $30 million cost of the study could have been better spent on distributing free sunscreen, if the goal is cancer prevention.In some discussions about femtocells, I’ve heard concerns about a new source of radiation in your home. But actually, since a nearby femtocell is easier to reach than a distant cell tower, the phone can reduce its transmit power and irradiate your head less, if ever so slightly. As usual, I’d expect most users would put aside such worries in favor of convenience and cost advantages. Read More »

P2P and Over-the-Top Video: Will the Quality Improve?

Join Tony Bates, SVP and General Manager, Cisco Service Provider Group and Bob McIntyre, Chief Technical Officer, Service Provider Group, as they take a look at P2P and over-the-top video. Listen as they discuss one service providers approach, leaning forward vs. leaning backward experiences, and the value of transparent technology.