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Supercomm 2009: Top of Mind

Closing out Day 2 from Chicago at the AR/PR dinner. There were many topics that were top of mind with service providers and industry influencers as heard at the keynotes and during our own customer meetings. Ranging from our latest research released as the Cisco Visual Networking Index Usage Study to Net Neutrality, both here in the U.S as well as abroad.

Heading into 2010, what are the next big issues? Many have discussed the impact of IPv4 depletion and advances in deploying/migrating to IPv6. We recently announced the Cisco Carrier Grade IPv6 (CGv6) Solution, which complements Cisco’s existing IPv6 portfolio and will provide the technology from the core to the network edge enabling a cost-effective and efficient migration from IPv4.

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Supercomm 2009: Impressions and Activity from Day 1

Hello from Chicago! I wanted to take a moment to share some highlights from our first day at SUPERCOMM 2009. We’re seeing the continued momentum of the Cisco IP Next-Generation Network (IP NGN) architecture and its technology innovation which help enable service providers to deliver an increasing array of innovative “Connected Life” experiences to their customers.

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“Routermania” (or, having and sharing the world’s most powerful edge router)

With the release of more information this week from the Visual Networking Index , it’s clear that traffic is increasing and bandwidth usage is on-the-rise (no slowdown in sight). As our video consumption becomes more voracious, service providers around-the-world are gearing up and getting ready to deliver.

And, well, at Cisco we’ve not been shy about our excitement around our Cisco ASR 9000 – the world’s most powerful edge router. It’s beautifully engineered, is getting great reception by our customers, and has become a little bit of a celebrity (not to mention being the perfect gift).

And, now is the time when you can have your own (even personalized as you’d like) Cisco ASR 9000! Yes, that’s right. You can be the envy of all and have the router that can stream HD video to every house in LA in a day right next to your bobbleheads and work items.

The time has come for routermania! And, we want you to participate.

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Cisco Announces the Visual Networking Index Usage Study

The average broadband subscriber in the world generates 11.4 Gigabytes of traffic per month, and the top one percent of users generate over 20 percent of the global internet traffic. These and other interesting insights can be found in the new Usage study of the Cisco Visual Networking Index. Compiled in coordination with over 20 service providers around the world, the VNI Usage program takes a snapshot view of current traffic patterns existing in the network today as a complement to the VNI Forecast program which details forward looking trends over the next half decade.

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Cisco Expands its Mobile Internet Solutions with Starent Acquisition

I am excited that Cisco has announced its intent to acquire Starent Networks! This important addition, occurring at a time when mobile internet is undergoing massive transformation, would help enable Cisco to better meet the unprecedented needs of our mobile operator and service provider customers as they deliver the next wave of multimedia applications and data services.

To our mobile operators and service providers, this intended acquisition is very much in line with our “4G=IP” vision we’ve stated in the past would, if completed, extend Cisco’s world-class offerings in three key areas.

  1. Scaling mobile operator networks towards 4G LTE solutions, while protecting investment in 3G technologies, to meet the exponential growth in data services
  2. Offering personalized applications to deliver integrated user experiences, create differentiation, and increase ARPU.
  3. Developing innovative business models that deliver incremental revenue streams to address the shrinking voice revenues.

For more details on this announcement, our formal corporate forward looking statement disclaimer, and more insight on the trends causing the need the 4G mobile internet, please see the post by Simon Aspinall, another of our regular SP360 contributors, that is highlighted on our corporate sister blog, The Platform: Cisco to Aquire Mobile Internet Leader Starent Networks

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