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IP Converged Networks and the End-to-End Solutions Approach

Join Tony Bates, SVP and General Manager, Cisco Service Provider Group and Bob McIntyre, Chief Technical Officer, Service Provider Group, as they discuss the value of the solutions approach and the benefit of exercising control over the network and the potential of two-way interactive systems.

Certifiably Committed to WiMAX Standards

Interoperability is more and more becoming a reality for a WiMAX market which has leapt at the opportunity to deploy high-speed, efficient, mobile broadband. I was at our Richardson, TX, offices recently meeting with our mobile broadband team, and they highlighted that just as much as we have pursued standards and interoperability efforts on the fixed side, we’re very much pursuing it with our new mobile technologies as well.In fact, Cisco achieved WiMAX forum certification last month for the BWX8305 WiMAX base station. To pass the required tests, the base station had to successfully interoperate with several WiMAX modem devices made by third parties. The certification covered 2.5GHz spectrum, as that is the current focus of the forum so far -- other spectrum such as 3.5 GHz will be included soon, with 2.3 and 3.3 GHz coming later. What such interoperability ultimately enables is more choice, lower prices, and new, cool applications for subscribers. For providers, it means more innovation in terms of business models, partnerships, and rapid service deployment/monetization. Today, a WiMAX service provider, such as Xanadoo or Xohm (maybe it’s just me, but the X names always seem cooler- and seem to be quite the trend with WiMAX-) more or less are tied to buying all their subscriber devices from the same base station vendor, whether Cisco, or Motorola, Alvarion, Alcatel or Samsung. Because the vendors don’t get much volume at the early part of market trend while still incurring costs to design, manufacture, test, store and ship the modems, standard economics takes hold and their cost per unit can be higher than it would be if they could reap economies of scale -- this can end up making the margins not great for the vendor or operator and the pricing not as good as it could be for the user. While there will always be some that prefer to keep things solely proprietary, many vendors (Cisco included) would like to give providers more opportunities to craft their network and service offer to their customers as they see fit. This interoperability testing is just one of the many things we do, often outside the public view, to help make sure that is possible.

Experience What’s New in Hosted and Managed Services

Attend the Cisco Powered Virtual Summit 2008 from your desktop!Register today to join us for two 3-hour virtual sessions, November 18 and 19 (November 19 and 20 in Asia Pacific).Learn how managed services can help grow your business at the Cisco Powered Virtual Summit, 2 p.m. or 7 p.m. GMT, November 18 and 19, or 3:00 a.m. GMT, November 19 and 20 (11 a.m. Singapore). Immerse yourself in a cool virtual environment to learn how to accelerate revenue, attract new customers, and achieve the business success you seek.Conference AgendaDay 1

  • You and Cisco: Succeeding Together With Managed Services
    - Al Safarikas, Sr. Director, Managed Services, Cisco
  • The Next Generation Empowered Branch: Your Key to Managed Service Success
    - Will Scott, Director of Marketing, Service Provider Marketing, Cisco
    - Jose Conover, Marketing Manager, Network Management, Cisco

Day 2

  • View from the Top: Managed Services at Tata Communications
    - John Landau, SVP, Global Managed Services Tata Communications
  • View from the Top: Managed Services at IPsoft
    - Chetan Dube, President & CEO, IPsoft
  • Looking Forward: Trends and Business Imperatives for Managed Services Success
    - Curtis Price, Program Vice President, IDC

Breakout Sessions (both days)

  • Managed Services for the Small and Medium Business -- The Power of Bundling
  • Creating New Green Managed Services with Automated Service Delivery
  • Managed Video and Collaboration Service Opportunities
  • What’s New in the Cisco Powered Program
  • Using Cisco Powered Demand Accelerator for Online Marketing Campaigns
  • Cisco Powered Partner Quote Tool

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Revealing the Cisco ASR 9000 Series

The journey of Ira, our well intentioned though not so perceptive journalist, came to an end today with the announcement of the innovative, new Cisco ASR 9000 Series. However, I’m still not sure he has figured it out yet…here’s the final installment of Ira’s blog, TechEdgeWeekly, and a video of his encounter with fellow SP360 blogger, SVP Kelly Ahuja and VP Praveen Akkiraju, who are among the several hundred creators of this platform.For details on the Cisco ASR 9000 Series, both SVP Pankaj Patel, who co-heads our service provider business council, and Charlie Guyer, who leads our Service Provider Analyst Relations team have posted. We also have a great amount of information on a very dynamic website (in the spirit of an automobile site, no less, Ira, so you were close…) and, of course, on Newsroom@Cisco.There’s a lot to digest there, but in summary, I look at this as a great example of Cisco innovation -- it took four years and more than two hundred people to design what our service provider customers need in anticipation of things to come. While Ira’s journey may be over, the journey of the Cisco ASR 9000 Series is just beginning. And the journey of Cisco, bringing innovative solutions to market to help us all achieve the infinite possibilities the network has to offer is still strongly and resolutely continuing.

Next-Next Generation?

Monique MorrowSince my last post from Beijing, I have presented at the MPLS Conference in Washington D.C. this past October on so called Next Generation Interconnect.”Å“Interconnect”is inaccurate really; because the opportunity is to consider a model for federated service abstraction with the following attributes:

  1. Federated Services (network is a database) e.g., for experimentation or for network management (monitor, control)
  2. API, Policies
  3. Governance, Trust, Economics
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