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Mobile World Congress 2009: Kicking It Off…AdaptiveMobile

Simon Coney, VP of Business Development for AdaptiveMobile, part of Cisco’s mobile ecosystem of partners, covers the company’s approach, value proposition, and the ways they can help providers save money while opening up new opportunities.

Mobile World Congress 2009: Here’s Openet

Well known by many providers worldwide, Openet provides a range of capabilities to enable providers to offer personalized bundles for one. Openet Senior Director for Global Business Development, Duane Gabor, tells us how.

Mobile World Congress 2009: Introducing Feeva

Coming out strong, Feeva CEO, Nitin Shah, and CTO, Jaz Banga, discuss how consumers, advertisers, and providers alike can benefit from their targeted advertising solution so everyone wins.

Mobile World Congress 2009: WebEx Me!

Tejas Bhandarkar, a senior product manager for the Cisco WebEx team, highlights the latest in WebEx, a new announcement with Research in Motion, and how, with the flick of a wrist, you can move content from your mobile device to a big screen.

Mobile World Congress 2009: 4G Possibilities to Life – Bringing Healthcare to Rural Areas

Cisco and Intel, along with Map of Medicine, give an example of the type of interaction made possible over WiMax, that can benefit providers and healthcare alike, and quite literally give new life to patients.