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Experience Provider Mega Test & Unified Service Delivery

Testing Cisco's Media-Centric Data CenterIt was just a short time ago that I was on SP360 writing about cloud services and the impact it will have on the SP services market. This was in reference to the launch of Cisco’s Unified Service Delivery solution, and cloud computing certainly is one of the main topics that Cisco is aiming to address with USD.But that’s not the only area I’m looking at with USD. Making an almost 90-degree turn from cloud computing and business services for IT, I’ve now got a unique opportunity to deliver a “one-two” punch to demonstrate the power of the Cisco Unified Service Delivery solution – this time talking about media and video services which generally target the consumer/residential market. Read More »

Cisco Visual Networking Index Forecast Annual Update

The Annual Cisco Visual Networking Index Forecast has just been released and projects a five-fold increase in traffic from 2008 to 2013, when an estimated 2/3rds of a zettabyte will cross the network.Watch to learn more about the study, the drivers, and some new applications that that help you dive into the details of the forecast and compare how your usage matches those of others around the world. Video after the jump… Read More »

The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

gift boxOver the years, I’ve given quite a few Father’s Day gifts, and I’ll be the first to admit it – they really have never even come close to represent the full extent of the admiration, appreciation, and love I have for my Dad.One year, despite my best shopping efforts, I ended up giving him a blender. Dorky and desperate I know, but what made it even worse was that it was the year that he decided that wine was his thing, so the blender got no use…(and no, he doesn’t do smoothies!) Read More »

From India to Intercloud

Monique MorrowFollowing my presentation at the Futurenet Conference in Boston on May 6, 2009 entitled, “Disruption: Emerging Technologies and Business Models,” I flew to India to meet with customers and colleagues in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. The atmosphere was rather electric as the country was in the midst of its national election. With Cisco Globalisation East, we are now embarking on developing architectures and solutions for what can be broadly termed as “Connected Societies,” under which comes “Intelligent Urbanisation.” Read More »

The Medianet Mega Test – Walking the Talk!

IP Video ApplicationsService providers around the globe are facing the challenge of delivering rich media services in a world with explosive growth in video traffic, expanding sources of content and numerous end devices.As I mentioned in a previous entry, Cisco introduced a concept called medianet, to address these service provider challenges with the premise of transitioning towards rich media optimized networks that are end-point aware, network aware and media aware.Light Reading, the largest online communications publication in the world, wanted to check if Cisco could not only “talk the talk” but also “walk the walk” regarding our medianet solutions. In order to do so, Light Reading commissioned the European Advanced Networking Test Center AG (EANTC) to conduct a comprehensive independent test around these solutions including: Cisco IP NGN architecture with embedded medianet technologies, medianet end user experiences and Cisco’s Service Provider Data Center Solutions. No wonder this thing was dubbed “The Mega Test.” Read More »