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My Favorite Olympic Moment

runnersI was a runner growing up, all through college, and still even hitting the road today (though at a fraction of my past mileage). Perhaps it was an interest that I was born with or perhaps it was one of the few things I could do with my lanky frame, but running appealed to me in a way that nothing else did. And so when the 1984 Summer Games began in Los Angeles, I was glued to the TV, scheduling my runs during boring basketball or soccer matches, so that I could see every bit of track and field coverage that was aired. Read More »

Beach Reading

Blackbeard in the Outer BanksHeading for vacation on the Outer Banks, and enjoying How to Read a North Carolina Beach. I suppose my inner engineer likes to know how things work, even the sand and waves.As with many people soon to appear on a public beach in a swimsuit, I wish I’d remembered to exercise more and eat less. An article in the Stanford alumni magazine describes how mobile devices can help remind people to maintain their fitness regimen. A study by Dr. Abby King showed that “hand-held computers may be effective tools for increasing initial physical activity levels among underactive adults.” The participants equipped with a PDA that reminded them to go walking exercised twice as much as the control group. A similar study prompted users to eat more vegetables and whole grains. Considering most of us carry mobile devices everywhere we go, using it for fitness reminders and diet recording makes sense. Read More »

From Broadband World Forum Hong Kong 2008 to FTTH Council Asia Pacific in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Monique MorrowWeeks July 16 and July 23 were quite busy for me! At the Broadband World Forum I chaired a session for Cisco’s Jon Hindle entitled, “œEnabling Value Pricing for Next-Generation Mobile Content and Media Services: Are You Ready for the Revenue Opportunities of an IP-Centric World?”Most notable, however was the plenary panel I had chaired entitled, “œImpact of Ethernet and Related Technologies to Service Provider Business: What Matters to the Service Providers and Why?”œPlenary was held in the major auditorium where the keynote speeches took place. My distinguished panelists included:

  • Paul Berriman, CTO for PCCW
  • Tim Hubbard, Head of 21CN Technology and Platform Introduction at BT
  • Yuhong Huang; Director, Department of Wireless Communication Technology, Research Institute China Mobile
  • Marc Teichtahl, Head of Engineering, Uecomm
  • T. V. Sriram, Vice President, Technology and NPD, Bharti Airtel Limited

We had a very lively discussion around service commoditization; retaining the competitive edge and so on. Read More »

Why Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” is the Greatest Album of All Time

Thriller 25th Anniversary album coverIt’s true. Some of you may not want to admit it, but the fact remains so.Why? Two reasons: Innovative use of Video and Redefining the ExperienceMusic videos were in their infancy at the time, and the slick productions of Thriller brought it right to the forefront. This visual component made the music all the more resonant and impactful. The innovative use of the video played a big role too, as past videos were mainly simple concert footage. However, the “œBeat It” video moved the medium into one that told a story, and later,”Thriller” introduced a long-form version of music videos, making the length and production value more akin to a movie than an afterthought. This resulted in brilliant appeal, as I remember the buzz at school be all around what times the video were to be shown on some new channel called MTV and around how well you could mimic the dance moves (Say what you will about Mr. Jackson, but man could he ever dance-I practiced the moonwalk for hours and Mike Kisch from our consumer blog can still do a mean”praying mantis swing” from the Thriller video-) Read More »

CTIA Ponders “Open”

imageToday I’m in Seattle, participating in the mid-course correction meeting of the CTIA Wireless Internet Caucus Leadership Council. The topic is “Openness: Understanding Each Other’s Expectations.” In his introduction, the vice president who leads WIC, Mark Desautels, remarked that while today’s discussion might not lead to agreement among all participants about the exact meaning of “openness,” the exchange of views should help clarify different viewpoints. I’ve written previous entries about openness for the Mobile Internet.Hamilton Sekino, of Nauta Capital and formerly of Diamond Management &Technology Consultants, keynoted the discussion by presenting his work on Wireless Open Models. The model divides the value chain into five segments: Access, Device, Platform, Content and Applications, and Customer Ownership. The representative from Microsoft took exception to representing Google Android as a good example of an open platform when it’s not yet available, while Windows Mobile runs on devices from multiple manufacturers, supports hundreds of applications, and connects to multiple mobile networks. When it comes to open, Microsoft sometimes sails into a PR headwind, but he raises a fair point. From my point of view, Sekino’s model seems rather binary, with each segment black or white as either “open” or “closed,” while the real world is more often a shade of gray. Also, it seems too linear, along a value chain. Perhaps multi-dimensional molecular models would provide a better analog, to describe the relationship among customers, operators, vendors, content creators, advertisers, and so forth. Read More »