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Mobile World Congress 2009: Virtual Equipment

For a virtual tradeshow, what better way to show a portfolio that is too vast to ship and display in a room? Here’s the IP next generation technology Cisco’s way, interactively expanding the scope of what’s shown while reducing the carbon footprint to do it.

Mobile World Congress 2009: Japan=Mobility

Edzard Overbeek, Senior Vice President and Japan Country Manager, discusses the latest trends taking hold in Japan which has both innovative providers and a populace that embraces the many benefits of technology. Look for these trends to come to you soon…but if you can’t wait, book a flight to Japan to experience them for yourself today.

Mobile World Congress 2009: All About Collaboration

Chris Osika, Managing Director of Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG), gives his perspective on new business models and market development trends for smart devices, touch, 4G and LTE and how service providers can monetize new networks in this economy.

Mobile World Congress 2009: View from the Top

Cisco’s John Chambers, Chairman and CEO, and Tony Bates, Senior Vice President and Co-Chair of the Service Provider Business Council, discuss what’s top-of-mind for our customers and their approach to enabling providers for success in the 4G Mobile Internet Transformation.

Mobile World Congress 2009: The Search for Broadband in Barcelona

What happens when 10s of thousands of techies invade a city? Not much, when measured by broadband throughput!