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Broadband World Forum Europe 2009 and MPLS Conference Washington, D.C.

Monique MorrowI will switch gears a little bit to highlight some panels that I will be chairing:Broadband Forum Europe 2009, Paris, France, September 8, entitled: Why Should Enterprise Companies Care about this “IP Transformation?”Broadband World Forum 2009You can listen to my session preview podcast here: Read More »

Let’s Talk About Virtualization and “Clone Cloud”

Monique MorrowSince my last blog post on Intercloud, I have been rather busy working on related topics such as SLA instantiation, registry functions, security, and resiliency.However, I did attend the IETF 75 meeting held in Stockholm, Sweden. The Internet Society’s Standards & Technology (ISOC) team provides a view of hot topics for IETF 75 here: we approach the “virtualization” subject, I noted two developments that took place as Birds of Feather Sessions at the IETF 75: Read More »

Views from the Top

webinar: Back to the Core of Cisco's Business: Service Provider NetworksCompetition among technology companies for the global service provider market is as fierce as ever and is generating more and more attention from Wall Street, and for good reason. Because unlike businesses which look at the network as context to their business, the network is a service provider’s business. They depend on this technology to offer an ever increasing array of service offerings and invest heavily each year to do so.Such investment isn’t made haphazardly though – these are tough customers with a staggering array of expertise, so the choices they make are often key barometers about the future of the technology market itself. Read More »

Century’s Longest Solar Eclipse Broadcast Live Over Cisco’s Most Powerful Routing Platform

Astronomy has always fascinated me. The thrill of exploring space and its deep mysteries gripped me in my growing years, but this curiosity never really turned into a full-time career. So last week I was really excited to know that Cisco’s platforms took part in a rare celestial event, occurring next only in 2132 A.D.While here in the US, we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the moon walk on July 20, 2009, two days later our celestial neighbor showed off its prowess across Asia & Japan. It blotted out the sun for the longest total solar eclipse in this century even as millions watched eclipse broadcast liveIn Japan, the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) in collaboration with Asahi Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and Ultra-Realistic Communications Forum (URCF) took the initiative of broadcasting this event live over the JGN2Plus network. The event was captured at Amami-Oshima (where the totality was at the maximum) and broadcast to various locations throughout Japan – Keihanna Plaza, ABC Hall, Tsukuba Expo Center, Osaka Science Museum. Read More »

Cisco Unified Service Delivery Underscores Industry’s Focus on Data Centers

UBS 100 CIOs SurveyI came across this article published by CIOZone on July 20, 2009 – “IT Spending Forecasts Improve, Cisco Popular”; and obviously, am pleased by the positive results around Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS).An impressive number – “77 percent of respondents in the UBS survey said that they expected to buy or evaluate Cisco’s Unified Computing System…in the next 18 months”; and that they see this system as being more likely to succeed than the competition. This is great news, since the UCS forms the foundational building block for the Unified Service Delivery solution and it is a testament to our engineers for building such an innovative product. Read More »