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Cisco Unified Service Delivery Underscores Industry’s Focus on Data Centers

UBS 100 CIOs SurveyI came across this article published by CIOZone on July 20, 2009 – “IT Spending Forecasts Improve, Cisco Popular”; and obviously, am pleased by the positive results around Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS).An impressive number – “77 percent of respondents in the UBS survey said that they expected to buy or evaluate Cisco’s Unified Computing System…in the next 18 months”; and that they see this system as being more likely to succeed than the competition. This is great news, since the UCS forms the foundational building block for the Unified Service Delivery solution and it is a testament to our engineers for building such an innovative product. Read More »

The Michael Jackson Effect

sun settingSo, readers of this blog may well remember my thoughts on the late Michael Jackson – Innovator, Trendsetter, the King of Pop – and one of the most iconic figures of my youth. No other entertainer, in my opinion, has ever had such global stature, and certainly no one else could have inspired me in junior high to spray Pledge on my kitchen floor to better practice gliding dance moves.We’ve talked about how lessons learned from his approach to music are applicable in principle to the ones service providers around the world are facing. Following the unexpected news of his passing, I couldn’t help but wonder what effect it would have on the network, especially considering his worldwide recognition. Read More »

Listen to the Benefits of Cisco’s CRS-1 in a Cable Network at Cisco Live

Our roving reporter, Zoya Fallah, caught up with Pravin Mahajan, Marketing Manager of the Core Solutions at Cisco Live and asked him about the benefits of Cisco’s CRS-1 in a cable network. Check out this audio interview to hear his response. You can also get a peek at the interactive diagram they had at the show and image after the jump > Read More »

Business Imperative for Virtual Private Cloud Services

unified service deliveryApparently attorneys, corporate security consultants and numerous other industry pundits have discovered the cloud services phenomenon. Some are actively promoting fear, uncertainty and doubt about the “potential” for growing security, transparency and data portability concerns.However, there’s a compelling precedent that alleviates most irrational anxiety. It’s helpful to recall that more than four decades of corporate computing started with the adoption of time-sharing services in the 1960s. All is still well, and the sky has yet to fall.The recent calls for renewed caution are clearly being heeded with due diligence, and then promptly disarmed by the proven track record of addressing these issues, as needed. Read More »

Economic Stimulus Opportunity for Service Providers

rural broadbandBroadband Stimulus programs represent an unprecedented opportunity to improve the economic vitality of unserved and underserved communities throughout the United States. These programs will drive incentives around the creation and implementation of next generation broadband networks and, as a result, will serve as a foundation for future applications and services. This will drive an increase in quality of life while boosting economic growth and job creation for years to come.In this video (after the jump), I discuss how the network can be a strategic asset in efforts to save energy and create jobs. Read More »