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Mass Customizing Managed Services (Bringing the glass slipper to all”¦)

200px-KinksGivethePeopleWhatTheyWant.jpgI submit that success by providers in managed business services will be due in large part to an ability to mass customize the experience. The impetus to get this thought out and into a post was prompted by a recent In-Stat research study covering end-users of all sizes was announced and concluded that,”customer feedback indicates that a one-size-fits-all approach to managed services needs to change — by addressing specific vertical and horizontal market stakeholder needs and requirements.” Ahh, the wisdom of The Kinks.—”Give The People What They Want“.The conclusion to give the people what they want is not a radically new topic for managed business services. Providers of all sizes and focus have attempted to solve this either in word or in actual attempts. After all, it’s a mass-customized, on-demand world where end users are emboldened -- at work, home and on the move. Read More »

Ideas, Musing, and Perspectives from the blogosphere”¦

Measuring the pulse of the industry and keeping up with trends is a necessary part of many jobs, including mine -here are a few though-provoking posts that I have come across this past week that I thought may be relevant to you as well. Thanks for reading.Jon Arnold wrote an interesting post on Rethinking the Service Provider Business and discussed how revenues can be gained upstream (traditional subscriptions) and downstream (advertising, government services, etc.)John Battelle covered the recent spectrum auction in the US and assessed that while Google may not have been declared the winner, they may have achieved their goal. Read More »

From Global Industry Leader Forum to the IETF-71

monique_morrow.jpgLast week was quite a busy one for myself, as I had participated in the first ever industry and international regulator forum on March 10, that was chaired by Sanjay Ahuja, CEO Orange, Global Leader industry Forum held at Pattaya, Thailand. Read More »

Going Green – ICT & Climate Change – Energy Sustainability

green.jpgNow that the importance of limiting greenhouse gas emissions to limit global warming is well recognised, the role of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in combating climate change is being widely discussed. The ITU-T has initiated two symposia on ICT and Climate Change to be held in Kyoto in April and London in June 2008 indicating the importance being attached to energy sustainability. All groups in the ITU-T are being urged to take energy consumption into consideration. Read More »

Towards IPv6

monique_morrow.jpgThe topic of IPv6 is not new in the industry. In fact, IPv6 has been hotter now than ever, particularly around IPv4 address exhaustion and application readiness. Cisco’s Tony Hain is an IPv6 Forum Fellow. Cisco IPv6 product manager and evangelist, Patrick Grossetet has been driving IPv6 development at Cisco.Geoff Huston, Chief Scientist APNIC has been exploring IPv6 transit.In fact, this past January 2008, Google held an IPv6 summit where both Tony and Patrick had been present. Google’s Vint Cerf hosted the summit; and Vint facilitated the IPv6 discussion with industry thought leaders, architects.Patrick spoke about planning for IPv6 integration. One can view the YouTube dialogue at: Google IPv6 Conference 2008.

Conclusion, service providers will be pivotal in IPv6 implementation internationally. The industry is still grappling with the issues around IPv6 transition for infrastructure, applications and content. IPv6 implementation is not a matter of if rather, it is a matter of when.IPv6 stay tuned!