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Trade a cell phone for a loaf of bread?

trade a cell phone for bread OK, it’s a little bit of gallows humor, but the idea is somewhat thought-provoking. Is technology now so embedded in the way we consumers go about our lives that we’d give up other more basic needs to get and keep it? What a difference a year makes…last Christmas, I shared some ideas for your holiday shopping, and the list was long and somewhat extravagant. 2008 brought a whole new host of gadgets and services into our lives, such as early versions of wireless HD TV’s, VoIP and Video-on-Demand for the Wii (taking advantage of the estimated 40% of the 35 million Wii consoles sold that are linked to the Internet); wireless SD cards for your digital camera for effortless photo-sharing with friends and family, streaming video from Netflix to Blu-ray disc players and Xbox 360 gaming consoles (and with CES starting today, there are clearly more new toys to come -- LG video wristphone, anyone?). Read More »

Looking to 2009: A Faster Internet?

Monique MorrowVideo, Cloud, Internet Mobility, Service Mash-ups, User Generated Content, Quantum , DNA, and Ambient computing add a bit of cybersecurity, and the list goes on!We will definitely have a lot to look for as we turn to 2009!I just read the December, 2008, IEEE Spectrum publication, an article entitled,”A Fairer, Faster Internet” by Bob Briscoe, Chief Researcher at BT’s Networks Research Centre also leads BT’s Future Communications Architecture programme, with expertise in engineering, economic and social control of computing networks. Read More »

Happy Holidays from Cisco

Carrier Class: How Real?

Monique MorrowThere is quite a bit to talk about since my last posting in November, as I have been meeting and speaking with customers in Asia-Pacific and in Japan.In spite of the macroeconomic dynamics and the financial news internationally, I do sense optimism with our customers in various discussions.There are top of mind topics such as qualifying so called”Carrier Class” and assessing impact to business. Additionally, there is a requirement to focus more on service creation and development from a process or IT perspective and monetizing these services. So the discussion turns rapidly from technology architecture to business architecture and ultimately a balance between the two. Read More »

IP Converged Networks and the End-to-End Solutions Approach

Join Tony Bates, SVP and General Manager, Cisco Service Provider Group and Bob McIntyre, Chief Technical Officer, Service Provider Group, as they discuss the value of the solutions approach and the benefit of exercising control over the network and the potential of two-way interactive systems.