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Destination Opportunity: Navigating the US Broadband Stimulus Program

Navigating the US Broadband Stimulus ProgramMuch of the talk over the US stimulus activity has been focused on infrastructure – improving the country’s roads, airports, railroads and schools. Fortunately, there is widespread recognition that infrastructure also includes broadband.On the surface, it seems the United States is doing pretty well with broadband, as it is the single largest broadband market in the world, with over 75 million subscribers – more than twice that of the next closest country, Japan, according to the OECD. However, when you look a bit closer, you see that being the biggest market is mainly due to having a lot more people. Comparatively, when the OECD looked at the number of broadband subscribers per 100 members of the population, or by per capita Gross Domestic Product, the US didn’t do so well, ranking 15th, far behind Denmark, Sweden, and Korea. As there is quite a ways to go to gain broadband leadership, hopefully this broadband stimulus effort will help the U.S. bridge the gap. Read More »

NAB Show 2009: Next Generation D9865 Satellite Receiver

Jacob Jeevanayagam, Director of Marketing Asia SPVTG, introduces the next-generation Cisco D9865 Satellite Receiver developed for primary distribution, private networks, and SMATV applications.

NAB Show 2009: Cisco Digital Content Manager – IP Video Gateway and Transcoder

Morten Rasmussen, Sr. Product Manager, introduces the new ultra compact SDI gateway for uncompressed video and JPEG2K compressed video transport.In this video he describes the new High density MPEG-2 to AVC transcoder built on the DCM platform.

NAB Show 2009: ROSA Video Services Manager

Ken Dumont, Director Network Management Systems, introduces the ROSA Video Services Manager which highlights a migration from managing individual devices to services management across multiple platforms. Service profiles enable configuration, monitoring and management of video services through an easy to use graphical user interface.

NAB Show 2009: Content Virtualization to Any Screen

Mark Pignolet, Product Manager International Set Tops, demonstrates how you can view your digital video content locally or remotely using the Linksys by Cisco Digital Media Hub, whether it’s from your set top, hybrid set top, DVR, laptop, a mobile device like the Flip, or broadcast.