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Mobile World Congress 2009: Game On!

EdgeQuest 2, the ASR 9000 game, is not only gearing up for a tournament but is also going mobile and social too. The iPhone version of the game challenges players to take full advantage of the massive capabilities of the ASR 9000 in a fun, interactive way and even features a guest announcer that many true techies……er…….Trekkies, will recognize.

Mobile World Congress 2009: Gateway Central

Larry Lang, Vice President and co-lead of the SP Mobility Board, lets us in on his many conversations with customers, his own unique insights and some of the recent new product introductions Cisco is making to enable providers to thrive both now and in their transformation to the 4G Mobile Internet.

Mobile World Congress 2009: The Internet Has Left the Building

What do you get when you have live WiMax streams from cars and segway scooters roaming Barcelona? A lot of great ideas of what’s possible with 4G. Tim Sweeney from Intel’s WiMax Applications Lab showcases this and their Cisco relationship that helps make it all possible.

Mobile World Congress 2009: NTT DoCoMo Rocks

Our host, a self-confessed NTT DoCoMo fan, Doug Webster, lauds the Japanese provider and shows how they embody all three attributes of the 4G mobile internet with their efforts to transform the customer experience, their network, and their business. What starts in Japan will soon migrate to the rest of world, so get ready for projector phones, e-wallets, and more!

Mobile World Congress 2009: Architecturally Speaking

Managing Director of European Advanced Networking Test Center, Carsten Rossenhovel, talks of the fundamental change in architectures that mobile operators are undertaking.