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Holiday Nerd

Happy New Year! During the holidays, I visited family back east, sharing good meals (too many) and good times (never enough). My inner nerd also enjoyed checking out their new networking gadgets. My mother-in-law received a WiFi picture frame, a great device for grandparents everywhere. Particularly compelling is the ability to email photos directly to the frame, via Seeframe. After transferring photos from our digital camera to a PC, we just email them to a particular address, and they start appearing in her living room, with no technical gymnastics on her side. (Keep the email address private, to avoid unpleasant pictorial surprises!) Even quicker, we can send photos directly from our camera phones to the frame, for near-real-time grandchild updates. This ability to send photos from a mobile phone to a picture frame serves as a reminder that possible innovations for fixed-mobile convergence are much broader than just handing off phone calls between cellular and WiFi radio access. Read More »

China 2008: The Year of the Rat and the 2008 Olympics

monique_morrow.jpgGreetings from Beijing on January 10 2008!On February 7 2008, the Chinese Lunar year will commence as the Year of the Rat or”Wu Zhi”, and 25% of the world’s population will celebrate the Chinese lunar year, of Wu Zhi. Moreover, the number 8 signifies luck and it is no surprise that the Olympics in Beijing will commence on August 8 2008 or 8/8/2008. Beijing 2008 Olympics, will be one of the greatest and the most influential sports events worldwide. By 2008, thousands of athletes from more than 200 countries will participate and billions of audiences will watch the games, creating a huge amount of information management, interaction and broadcasting — and Chinese Service Providers will be on the forefront in operating the networks, in addition to demonstrating technology showcases that these games will be hosted on. Read More »

The Mobile Web in 2008

The Internet and Mobility have been the two biggest trends in the communications industry over the last several decades and both are now on a clear collision course. Companies are also starting to collide as the legacy mobile handset world has to deal with the likes of Apple and Google. It will be interesting to see how this plays out being that these two industries have so little in common. — The Mobile world tends to be fairly closed: operators are in control, voice is the primary app, there is limited innovation, and end users are controlled through subsidized phones and early termination agreements. The mobile industry also seems to be hitting saturation in much of the developed world. — The Internet world is very open, end users are in control, there are many different types of applications, lots of innovation, and customers stay because they like what they get. How will these two industries come together? Here is my top 10 list for the mobile Web in 2008: Read More »

Is distance really dead?

Distance is becoming less significant to the cost of telecommunications services. Prices are tending towards actual costs and these costs are predominantly associated with the origination and termination of traffic. In addition, the duration of calls is also becoming less significant as flat-rate charging is becoming more popular, even for mobile services. This leads to the situation in which bandwidth and access capabilities, such as location-based services, become more significant factors in charging and in generating Service Provider revenues. Read More »

Why I’m old

ATT recently published their top 10 ringtones for 2007. The lists includes songs like”A Bay Bay” and”Crank That” and includes artists like”Mims” and”Akon,” with the top one being (drum roll, please):Party Like a Rockstar by Shop Boyz My biggest takeaway from the list? I’m old. Really old. I don’t recognize any of these songs -at all. And have maybe only heard of one or two of the artists. (I think a gray hair popped out on my head just by writing that-.) Read More »