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The Compelling Business Case for IP Addressing Technologies

San Francisco

Jeff Doyle recently wrote a post about Carrier Grade NAT that I thought was right on the mark. IPv4 addresses are running out and could be expired as early as 2011. The main issue is that end points keep increasing and these endpoints need IPv4 addresses whether they are new broadband subscribers, electric meters, mobile phones, etc. As Jeff states in his article, dual-stack is one way to migrate to IPv6. However it provides a migration solution assuming you have enough IPv4 addresses to last while you migrate everything to IPv6. Unfortunately, we do not.

Instead, we have to rely on in-home solutions to the problems. Today’s broadband subscribers get a public IPv4 address and then typically have a wireless router in their home that does NAT44 (public IPv4 to private IPv4) which allocates private IP addresses inside the home. For example, at my house, my wireless router enables me to have discrete IP addresses for my windows laptop, home MAC, LG Netflix enabled Blue Ray Player, Sling Box, HP printer, etc. So it provides multiple private addresses while as a household I only consume one public address.

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Cisco at IBC 2009

How Medianets Are Transforming the Video Experience

IPTV and Hybrid set-topsNew Cisco IPTV and Hybrid set-top series offer more processing power and home networking features than previous models.

In the video interview below, Cisco’s Bob McIntyre and Murali Nemani discuss key examples of how medianet technology is helping service provider customers manage the complexity and scale of video delivery to ensure quality of service for the end user.

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Broadband World Forum Europe 2009: “Common Sense 3.0″

Monique Morrow

I moderated a lively session at the Broadband World Forum 2009 today September 8 in Paris: Why Should Enterprise Companies Care About This “IP Transformation?”

IP transformation is not a question of when, in fact, it is here; moreover, the panelists focused not so much on the technology, but rather on the business models that are pertinent to unified communications, with IP Centrex, VoIP as a foundation.



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Announcing Cisco at 4G World 2009

Speaking at 4G World - Simon AspinallOur video reporter, Zoya Fallah, met with Simon Aspinall, Cisco’s Senior Director of SP Marketing, and Kittur Nagesh, Cisco’s Director of Mobility Marketing, to hear their thoughts on 4G World.

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Medianet – Media Aware Networking

IP VideoWhat does IP bring to TV? In short, pervasive connectivity. That’s really what IP is all about, whether it’s sending email, voice or video content. But whereas IP based networks lend themselves naturally to some non-real-time applications like email, it needs be to optimized for others, such as Voice. Video raises the bar even further, as it demands overall quality of experience (QoE) to make the experience a good one for the viewer and helps sustain revenue generation for the provider. And because video is part of an ever-increasing number of network experiences, Cisco is actively innovating to raise-the-bar itself as to what’s possible with this medium. So, let me share just a few examples of this innovation.

We all know that video signals can require very high bandwidths, typically up to 8 Mbits/sec for MPEG 2 encoded HDTV channels and approximately 3 Mbps for MPEG 4, and that certainly imposes significant demands on dimensioning video optimized IP networks. However, this need for speed is being increasingly addressed by advances in optical and high speed router technologies like the ASR 9000 and our recent announcement of a 16 x 10GE line card.

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