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P2P and Over-the-Top Video: Will the Quality Improve?

Join Tony Bates, SVP and General Manager, Cisco Service Provider Group and Bob McIntyre, Chief Technical Officer, Service Provider Group, as they take a look at P2P and over-the-top video. Listen as they discuss one service providers approach, leaning forward vs. leaning backward experiences, and the value of transparent technology.

Breaking Down The Walled Garden

New bundling strategies are not the only way Service Providers are re-inventing their business models. For mobile operators, a number of recent events and trends are conspiring to change forever the landscape of their “œwalled gardens” and causing them to dramatically expand their horizons in search of new sources of revenue.The 700Mhz spectrum auction earlier this year and the imminent release of the T-Mobile G1 Android-enabled phone signal a dramatic shift toward more open platforms and more choice for consumers. The trend is towards uncoupling the device from the provider’s network, which on one hand reduces costs for the provider in terms of handset subsidies and device support costs, but also has the potential to increase subscriber churn as users chase the latest”coolest” gadget and no longer have to lock themselves into a long contract with a specific carrier to do so. Read More »

Post Beijing Olympics Reflections

Monique MorrowThe Beijing Games were perhaps the largest Olympic event in history!With over 201 countries, hosting 301 events and having 3.9 billion spectators watching from track side, from TV and via the Internet, the Beijing Olympic Games was indeed a multimedia showcase. The world experienced China’s 5000-year history, Chinese cultural splendor, contemporary spirits and mass participation.Let’s not forget the technology and networking required to deliver such images. The IOC’s network requirements was to:”Deliver a stable data network that would provide high resiliency and redundancy to eliminate the possibility of failure.” Birds Nest Further, the network was to carry all Olympic data, including event results, from multiple event venues to the Olympics primary data center, as well as to the international broadcasting center headquarters for all media outlets and commentators.Though not an official Olympic sponsor, Cisco was involved in the design and delivery of the core information network structure for the Beijing Olympic Games, the”Digital Olympics.” The core information network comprised fundamentally of the Administration Network, the Ticketing Network, and the Game Network. The entire media architecture involved numerous organizations.The excitement continues in Beijing! The city is now preparing for the 2008 Paralympic Games.“Cisco is not an Olympic sponsor nor a partner of an Olympic organization, including the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Beijing Organizing Committee (BOCOG).”

The Next ‘Big Thing’ for SP Business Models

Join Tony Bates, SVP and General Manager, Cisco Service Provider Group and Bob McIntyre, Chief Technical Officer, Service Provider Group, as they examine new business models for service providers, including the success of bundles around the world and the potential to take advantage of viewers’ DVR-enabled time-shifted viewing.

Mobile Politics

Text message announcing Democratic vice presidential selectionWhatever you think of his politics, Barack Obama has certainly made good use of mobile technology. He announced his choice of vice-presidential running mate via text message, although the media scooped the news by a few hours. Imagine the nervous excitement at Distributive Networks as they pressed the “send” button for that message, which reached about 2.9 million people.At the Democratic convention this week, attendees will be asked to send text messages to family and friends, and also invited to make calls from provided phones. The campaign will capture those dialed numbers for later use. With all those text messages and phone calls from Invesco Field, the mobile networks will face an extraordinary load. Many communications companies, including Cisco, are helping connect the convention.Meanwhile, if politics just aggravates you, how will you react to receiving such text messages? You could hurl your mobile phone in frustration. You could even enter the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships in Estonia. But you’ll need technique as well as vexation: the winning throw was 85 meters (279 feet)!