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Welcome to the Cisco Service Provider Mobility Community

I am delighted to announce the formation of the Cisco SP Mobility Community. This community will bring together mobility experts to collaborate and discuss technical and business challenges in the mobility space. If you are not already a member, please check it out…here are some hot topics so far:

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D3 Is the New Black – And SPs of All Sizes Are Trying It On

DOCSIS 3.0, a.k.a. “D3″, is definitely one of the hottest trends we are seeing among cable service providers of all sizes today. Cisco’s DOCSIS 3.0 solution has now been deployed by more than 35 service providers and more than 135 sites worldwide. In recent months that momentum has shifted to North America where more than 45 sites have deployed DOCSIS 3.0 solutions with Cisco technology. See the deployment map Read More »

Cisco Recognized as Outstanding AT&T Supplier

As you may have recently read in the Wall Street Journal, Cisco was honored to have been recognized as a 2009 AT&T Supplier Award winner for outstanding performance and service to AT&T Business Solutions during the past year. We look at this as a big deal since AT&T selected only six suppliers from more than 5,000 in the AT&T supply chain. It’s an even bigger deal for us in that it’s the sixth consecutive year Cisco or the former Scientific-Atlanta have won an AT&T Supplier Award, which proves to us that our efforts to achieve high marks with such a prominent customer are continuing to resonate. Read More »

End of an Era – Analog Television Yields to Digital

EANTC’s Jonathan Morin pulls out a linecard on a Cisco ASR 9010 routerToday, across the United States, the last regular analog television broadcasts are being shut off and by tonight all over-the-air television will only be in a digital format (with a handful of special exceptions for rural areas). Most of the press coverage today has focused on the relatively small number of people who watch TV over the airwaves yet haven’t purchased digital converter boxes. However, the real story is the opportunity it offers providers to deliver faster mobile broadband and other advanced personalized services while leveraging new business opportunties in the Zettabyte era.To mark today’s milestone, let’s look back and compare the video experience of the early televison era with that of today: Read More »

Experience Provider Mega Test & Unified Service Delivery

Testing Cisco's Media-Centric Data CenterIt was just a short time ago that I was on SP360 writing about cloud services and the impact it will have on the SP services market. This was in reference to the launch of Cisco’s Unified Service Delivery solution, and cloud computing certainly is one of the main topics that Cisco is aiming to address with USD.But that’s not the only area I’m looking at with USD. Making an almost 90-degree turn from cloud computing and business services for IT, I’ve now got a unique opportunity to deliver a “one-two” punch to demonstrate the power of the Cisco Unified Service Delivery solution – this time talking about media and video services which generally target the consumer/residential market. Read More »