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The Mobile Internet is Changing Everything!

A year ago at Mobile World Congress we boldly declared our commitment to Mobility when we stated that 4G=IP=Cisco. And this year has truly been pivotal with the mobile Internet taking off and Cisco’s acquisition of Starent further demonstrating our commitment to this market.

I expect this year’s Mobile World Congress will be the most exciting ever. The mobility industry is going through a truly defining moment in its history.

Though challenged by the combination of increased demand (hear from our friends at Vodafone Spain in the video below) and increased competition from over-the-top providers, I believe now is the time for mobile operators to capitalize on this mobile Internet transformation.

Mobile operators have a great deal of power in their IP-based networks. The mobile operator knows the mobile customer – their device, their service package, their usage patterns, and even their location. And of course the mobile operator knows their own network – their available bandwidth, service capabilities, and content and security.

With this intelligence, mobile operators have the unique ability to create and provide rich multimedia services to their customers in a high-quality, secure and reliable manner. Further, operators can enable their subscribers to customize and personalize their own service packages to meet their ever-changing needs.

With this intelligence mobile operators can win a share of these new Internet service revenues, reduce network expenses, and increase customer satisfaction.

As I mentioned in this post, on the introduction of the Cisco ASR 5000, the combination of intelligence and performance in the context of an all-IP mobile network is more important now than ever before.

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Mobile Data Traffic to Increase 39-Fold from 2009-2014

39-Fold! That’s the amount of traffic growth that we expect the global mobile data networks to face between 2009 and 2014, as estimated by the new Cisco Visual Networking Index Global Mobile Data Forecast that was released today. I have a number of the highlights in the video below, but there is certainly far, far more on the Visual Networking Index web site.  Please check it out and let us know what you think…

All this points to why mobile operators see the mobile Internet as both a challenge and an opportunity. My colleague, Kittur Nagesh, outlines how operators can take advantage of this growth to monetize their networks.

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Social Media Marketing for Service Providers – David M. Scott: Tools & Trust. Part 6

David Meerman Scott explains the New Rules of Marketing talks about tools we can use and how trust can be earned. This is the sixth in a series of videos conducted by Stacy Spognardi of Cisco focused on opening up a discussion about social media within the service provider community (and beyond). David focuses on some essential marketing tools for today’s companies.

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Internet Predictions: From Participatory To Interplanetary Internetworking

Having just spent two weeks at the ITU-T NGN – Global Standards Initiative held in Geneva, Switzerland, January 18-29 2010.

I had an opportunity to read the IEEE Internet Computing, January-February 2010 special edition entitled, “Internet Predictions” co-edited by Vint Cerf, Google and Munindar P. Singh, North Carolina State University.

The contributors present various applications, technologies, trends such as participatory sensing, the Internet of Things; networked gameplay and the use of procedural content generation; to new ways of doing business, e.g. the company as a managed network; to the interplanetary internetwork.

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Savvis Symphony VPDC is Music to the Ears

At VMWorld in August, Savvis unveiled its not-so-secret Project Spirit, the company’s platform for enterprise-class Infrastructure-as-a-Service virtual computing services.  In December, they announced Cisco’s UCS (Unified Computing System)  as the platform for Spirit, and introduced Symphony – the range of Cloud offerings including Project Spriit.  Savvis calls the Spirit portion of this portfolio a Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC).  Effectively the service offers infrastructure as a service (compute, storage and more) as a service to a large number of customers through a simple web interface.

cloudCisco is mentioned as a key strategic partner in helping Savvis create this service.  Savvis uses many elements of Cisco’s Unified Service Delivery (USD) solution, including the UCS for compute nodes, Nexus  and Catalyst switches including Application Control Engine and  Firewall Services Modules for data-center networking, and a Cisco-powered IP NGN network interconnecting their data centers.

Of course, we’re very proud that we’re providing the infrastructure solution.  But that wasn’t what I meant by the title to this post.

What’s exciting to me is the fact that cloud computing is moving from the hobby shop to the production floor, and service providers are beginning to offer world-class cloud offers to their customers.

The Savvis offering is distinct from other IaaS offers in several ways, but in my opinion, the most important is the fact that Savvis Symphony VPDC includes the types of features that enterprises will require if Cloud Computing is to become a staple element of every business.

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