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From IETF74 San Francisco to “The Wearable Sixth Sense”

Monique MorrowSo it has been a few weeks since the IETF74 held in San Francisco, California on March 22-27, 2009.With a packed agenda, one could imagine that the meetings were quite busy.At the IAB Technical Plenary we listened to various speakers representing the vendor and service provider community who participated in the following MPLS panel entitled: “MPLS turns 12: A successful protocol’s history and lessons learned”One point emphasized during the course of the discussions, was that there should have been a focus on OAM from the beginning, something that the current protocol developers are focused on. Read More »

Deutshe Telekom (DT) and the ASR 9000 Series: Doing More for Less

Deutsche Telekom, one of our largest service provider customers in the world, is evolving its network to do more for less -- more high-bandwidth business and consumer services in less time, at less cost, and with less energy used. In this video, Wolfgang Schmitz, DT’s Senior EVP, discusses how the new Cisco ASR 9000 helps them achieve their goal.The ASR 9000 is a service provider routing platform built for the zettabyte era. Once again, just as they did with their deployment of CRS-1, DT is at the leading edge of making sure it is ready to make the most of the zettabyte era’s opportunities for its customers and its business.Click to Play

HIMSS 2009: Wrapping Up Cisco & AT&T Telepresence Innovating Healthcare

Hear from HIMSS attendees about Cisco and the AT&T Telepresence Solution. Learn how top global medical companies like Mayo Health, Johnson & Johnson, Cleveland Clinic & Stryker Medical are looking to integrate the AT&T Telepresence Solution into their practices; streamlining how clinicians, doctors and patients collaborate, communicate and improve patient care.

HIMSS 2009: Day 2 of Cisco & AT&T Telepresence Innovating Healthcare

Coverage highlighting key customer feedback on Cisco and the AT&T Telepresence Solution. Key takeaways and testimonials on “Tele-Medicine” brought to the Healthcare Industry from Cisco and AT&T. The AT&T Telepresence Solution is connecting health organizations globally and enabling virtual care for the future.

What is a medianet?

what is a medianetAs I discuss the potential of a medianet with more and more customers, and begin to see some first-generation applications of the concept, it becomes easier to answer the question that I get frequently -- “What is a medianet?”A medianet knows what consumer devices are out there and where the request is coming from, and also knows when and how to deliver the right video stream. And, if the right video stream is not available, a medianet’s capabilities include “knowing” that it needs to transcode the video stream in an edge router or at a video hub, or embed it in a cell tower for mobile access. Read More »