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Architectural Innovation: A Clean Break from Tradition

When the first automobiles were conceived and designed, it was difficult for some people to take a forward-looking view of this innovation. The term “horseless-carriage” was an attempt to describe this new mode of transportation from a historical perspective.horseless carriageReady for road trials by September 1893, the vehicle built by Charles and Frank Duryea was the first gasoline powered automobile in America. The brothers had purchased a used horse drawn buggy for $70 and installed a 4 HP (horse-power), single cylinder gasoline engine.Just imagine what automobiles would be today, how they would look and function, if product designers and component engineers stayed with the notion that it’s a carriage – minus the horse? Read More »

Cisco Unified Service Delivery: The Pathway to Cloud Services

Cisco Unified Service Delivery combines the power of the data center with the power of the network to transform service delivery and build the foundation for cloud services. Learn more by viewing the video or slides below.

From China IPv6 Summit to Futurenet in Boston

Monique MorrowJust back from Beijing where I had great pleasure to participate in the Global Mobile Internet & IPv6-Next Generation Internet Summit 2009.The conference message was a resounding “move forward” with IPv6 adoption, a rather appropriate follow-up to my blog posting from March 2008.However it should be noted that the IPv4 address free pool held by the IANA is running out. Estimates of the depletion date point to mid 2011 as the time when IANA will have no more IPv4 address space to distribute to the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). Read More »

Cablevision Deploy’s North America’s Fastest Consumer Broadband Service – Built on Cisco DOCSIS 3.0

Cablevision offering fastest broadband speeds in North AmericaJust this week, Cablevision announced it has taken a bold step towards accelerating the global competitiveness of the U.S. market in broadband speeds while delivering consumers a rich platform for service innovation. In their press release, Cablevision stated that they are offering the fastest broadband speeds in North America – 101 Mbps downstream, for less than $100 per month. As consumers, we should be thrilled by the prospects of faster broadband – both downstream and upstream – to enable highly personalized and interactive services. Applications like session shifting, network PVR, consumer TelePresence and video on-demand libraries from on-net and off-net content can now all be delivered in HD. These types of applications are at the heart of what medianet aspires to deliver. Cisco is providing its DOCSIS 3.0 solution based on the uBR10012 CMTS and DPC-3000 cable modems to enable this ground-breaking service. Read More »

The Mobile Consumer Is Always Right!

One of those cliches that we ought to live by! Especially in the mobile space. You can never go wrong aligning your business strategy on the side of the mobile consumer. That is why Cisco spends copious amount of time, money, and effort in understanding the customer experience even though a lot of our revenue comes from selling infrastructure.

Consumers have taught us how they consume applications. Anytime, anywhere, on any device, with any service. So much so that they don’t even think whether the access network is from their provider or not, or in many instances whether the network is wired or wireless.Then why does the industry get hung up on whether it is HSPA or LTE or WiMAX or Wi-Fi? 3G or 4G? Let us embrace all these technologies as it is more about the apps and the experience; YouTube, Hulu, Flickr, social networking apps, WebEx, you name it. Cisco is projecting a 66 fold increase in mobile data traffic through 2013.

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