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Mobile World Congress 2009: 4G Today – WiMax Demo

Cisco Mobile WiMax Solutions Manager, Paul Sergeant, showcases the devices used in the healthcare demonstration, introduces what’s new, and talks about how you want your WiMax to be smart too.

Mobile World Congress 2009: Architecturally Speaking

Managing Director of European Advanced Networking Test Center, Carsten Rossenhovel, talks of the fundamental change in architectures that mobile operators are undertaking.

Virtualization, Cloud: Where are YOU in the Cloud?

Monique MorrowSo, just coming from Paris, where I attended the MPLS and Ethernet World Congress 2009 last week.I heard familiar topics addressing service scaling properties, quality of service, application-awareness, CAPEX efficiencies, OPEX and reduction generating revenue. What was unique however, was the embryonic association of MPLS as a virtualization- enabling technology to cloud computing.Cloud computing for service providers-enterprises can possess multiple attributes but all with common goals to maximize resources whether they are network, storage, compute, application and so on such that for the customer it does not matter where the service is derived and instantiated hence the”cloud.” Read More »

Mobile World Congress 2009: Forward Thinking

After a brief time at the chaotic Fira, the crew makes it way toward the Cisco base at the Palau Moxo in the old section of Barcelona.

Mobile World Congress 2009: A View from the Boss

VP of Worldwide Service Provider, Suraj Shetty, sets the stage for the executive level discussion taking place over the week.