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Swisscom Selects Cisco ASR 9000 to Prepare for the Zettabyte Era

SwisscomThe Nielsen Company reported that here in the U.S. market, time spent viewing online video is up 13 percent in December 2009. Some observers might be surprised by these results, but if you’ve been reading my prior commentary, then you will know that this is totally in-line with the unmistakable trend that’s been building for some time.

As I’ve shared our VNI perspective here before, the zettabyte era is approaching fast – global IP traffic is increasing at a 40% combined annual growth rate resulting in a five-fold increase between 2008-2013. Clearly, video traffic will be a primary source of that groundswell.

Once again, this trend is truly pervasive and by no means just a North American phenomenon. It will result in an annual bandwidth demand on the world’s IP NGNs of more than of two-thirds of a Zettabyte (aka 667 trillion gigabytes!). Europe is a key part of that growth cycle, consuming nearly the same amount of traffic as North America, and leading European service providers are actively preparing for the inevitable.

In fact, we announced this week that Swisscom is deploying the Cisco ASR 9000 Series Aggregation Services Router as the edge platform to support the rollout of their high-bandwidth fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) services – to every household in Switzerland. At the end of September 2009, Swisscom had approximately 1.8 million broadband subscribers, so such a goal is by no means an easy one.

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CES 2010: On 3DTV, Clouds, and Cable

One unmistakable glimmer underscored this year’s consumer-facing gadget-fest: The unquenchable thirst for high-speed, media optimized IP networks in support of rich media devices and applications – what we here at Cisco call “medianets.”

The big news for us at CES 2010 was a re-establishment of our partnership with NBC for the Winter Olympics by providing them with medianet technologies. NBC will be testing our newly announced Media Data Center solution based on our UCS platform and Nexus product family optimized for a high throughput and lossless production environments to deliver 3x operational efficiencies of traditional systems. Furthermore, Flip cameras will be distributed to key NBC personnel and athletes to capture and share their experiences. It’s a big deal for us, and we’re extremely excited about expanding our relationship with NBC by applying IP based technologies across production, contribution, distribution and consumption networks to drive unparalleled end-user experiences.

You couldn’t walk 10 steps in the Las Vegas Convention Center (especially the Central Hall) without bumping into an example of living room 3DTV. This CES season will go down as the one that was preceded by Avatar, the wildly popular 3D release that introduced the global consumer mainstream to theatrical 3D. On the heels of that came CES 2010, which brimmed with 3DTV sets for the living room. A key ingredient for that transition, from theaters to homes: Bandwidth.

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Portugal Telecom Selects Cisco as Video/Telecoms Solutions Provider

Portugal Telecom’s work to offer its customers an economical triple-play service, without having to worry about technological choices, and with the convenience of a single bill, has catapulted the provider toward significant subscriber and services growth over the past 18 months. Specifically, it now reaches 20% of all pay TV subscribers in the country; 50% of all ADSL consumers take TV services from Portugal Telecom.

In this video, Cisco SVP European Markets, Chris Dedicoat, and Portugal Telecom CEO, Zeinal Bava, discuss the growth of telecom and video in Portugal, including the importance of “structural competition” and network architectures that transcend commoditization.

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Prep the Net: Get Creative and Win a Flip Camcorder

limited edition flip videoAre you ready for the IP Video traffic groundswell? Ready or not, it’s coming. The Cisco Visual Networking Index forecasts that video traffic is growing exponentially, creating unprecedented demand for increased broadband capacity.

As online video consumption becomes more voracious and increasingly mobile, forward-looking service providers around-the-world are investing in new infrastructure to prepare for the inevitable. The Cisco ASR 9000 router was engineered in anticipation of this huge demand.

The ASR 9000 is so beautifully designed, it’s actually our most photogenic router – it just loves to be included in photographs and video clips. And no, we’re not kidding.

prep the netIn fact, now we’re giving everyone the opportunity to use their creativity to entice an ASR 9000 to strike a pose, and capture that very special moment in your camera viewfinder.

You can share your G-rated image or video with us, and if yours is the most popular, then you can win your very own limited-edition ASR 9000 Flip Video Camcorder. What are you waiting for? Here’s how you can participate.

Prep the Net with the Edge Router that’s Built to Handle the Demand

  • Learn more, visit, for examples.
  • Download a version of the ASR 9000 paperware model.
  • Assemble the model, and choose a creative background.
  • Capture the moment, then upload your photo or video today.

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Time Travel for an Industry

Flashback: It’s 20 years ago. If you have video and voice plans, you likely subscribe to different service providers. If you have a cell phone (you big shot, you), it weighs 5 or more pounds and you subscribe to an even different provider (not to mention building muscle toting around the briefcase sized device). For some of us, home security features are becoming increasingly available (though were much too expensive for me to consider). The networks are silo’d, with each supporting a different service, the fates of each respective provider tied solely to that service’s well being.

This is how the game myPlanNet begins, and it’s your task as a service provider CEO to evolve your company’s network from one that’s oriented around point solutions to a platform that changes the way we live, learn, work and play.

Fast forward 20 years to today. If you still have a cell phone that weighs 5 pounds, you’re at a Saved by the Bell museum. If you don’t have Internet access for 5 minutes, you develop a case of the shakes (“hyperconnectivitis” my doctor calls it…). In this world (and if you’ve mastered the myPlanNet game), your service provider’s network has become an IP Next Generation Network – a single platform that enables all of us, at work, at home, or on the move, to have the “anys” – any device, any content, anytime, anywhere – enabling us to connect and share our lives like never before.

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