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How 6rd Eases the Transition to IPv6

A CNN headline finally appeared last month on IPv6, “We are running out of Internet addresses.” Meanwhile the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) has stated the bottom-line very clearly — with less than 10% of IPv4 address space remaining, organizations must adopt IPv6 to support applications that require ongoing availability of contiguous IP addresses.

The full network transition to IPv6 constitutes a significant ongoing project for service providers, so most have been seeking practical methods to help smooth the rollout process. The very timely IPv6 Rapid Deployment (aka 6rd) standard is a proven method for incrementally deploying IPv6 in large scale networks, and it’s now been approved for publishing as an IETF Standards Track RFC. Cisco is the first vendor in the industry to have live customer networks using its standards-based 6rd implementation of this technology.

6rd enables a service provider to accelerate the implementation of IPv6 services to existing IPv4 sites where it provides customer premise equipment (CPE). This approach utilizes stateless IPv6 in IPv4 encapsulation in order to transit IPv4-only network infrastructure.

IPv6 Rapid Deployment (6rd)

Most importantly, unlike an appliance based solution, the economical Cisco solution does not require additional systems-related cost, space, power, etc.

Cisco announced the Carrier-Grade IPv6 (CGv6) solution last year in anticipation of the accelerating industry requirements for solutions to ease the transition. The solution offers a systematic outline to Preserve, Prepare and Prosper during the migration with specific technologies and customizable services. New innovations on the CRS and ASR platforms allow customers to gradually move towards an IPv6 future. The Carrier-Grade Services Engine (CGSE) on the CRS platform provides massive scalability for CGv6, while the ASR 1000 with parallel processing on the Cisco QuantumFlow Processor delivers fast feature velocity without separate service blades. Additionally, Cisco’s service provider product portfolio has been supporting IPv6 as a dual-stack technology for some time. Our customers can enable IPv6 — in addition to running an IPv4 protocol stack — without affecting performance.

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Making a Day at Wrigley Even Better

wrigley fieldAT&T is taking a hands-on approach to marketing its innovative U-verse Triple Play offering by quite literally taking to the streets…especially those that lead to Wrigley Field.  AT&T, in conjunction with the Cubs, and I’m pleased to say, Cisco, is introducing the U-verse Challenge, a social marketing program that combines traditional and social approaches to gain the interest of customers in new and different ways.

Here’s how it works:  U-verse teams on the streets outside the stadium and at kiosks inside the stadium will demo U-verse for co-branded prizes and will use Cubs branded Flips to capture the “Biggest Fans” and upload to a site to be voted on for prizes.  Fans can also upload their own videos, win some Flip cameras of their own, and even get invited to an exclusive rooftop party.  Co-branded banner ads, Major League Baseball (aka MLB)  website placements, in-store retail posters, and an email blast by MLB to the Cubs’ fan base make the campaign even richer, blending a variety of marketing facets together to maximize customer impressions whether on the street, in the stadium or their own retail stores.

The goal?  Create interest in their unique offer, demonstrate the user experience to potential customers, and in the end, to increase their service activations with customers in this key market (and noted sports town).  Multiple prize opportunities are available at all locations, making this a win-win for all parties involved.

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ACG Hot Seat Session on the CRS-3

Ray Mota, co-founder of ACG Research, recently spoke with Suraj Shetty, VP of Worldwide Service Provider Marketing and noted contributor to SP360 (and since he is my boss, let me add, a gentleman of the finest character, strength and intellect). The interview was part of Ray’s Hot Seat series, likely named more for the nature of the questions than for any heating coils in the furniture, but to be honest, I can’t confirm that.

In the interview, they not only dive into details of the CRS-3 which we launched just a few months ago, but also discuss everything from its single-flow architectural approach, in-service upgrade capabilities, investment protection, scale and power to Data Center relevance and the market opportunity ahead.

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Cisco Selected by AT&T for Domain Network Equipment Supplier

Collaboration is a beautiful thing especially when two parties share the same goals and values. Our long-standing relationship with AT&T exemplifies this.

Today, Cisco was selected by AT&T as one of three domain suppliers for Internet Protocol (IP)/MultiProtocol Label Switching (MPLS)/Ethernet/Evolved Packet Core equipment for AT&T’s industry-leading IP network.

Cisco is proud to be selected by AT&T to continue to provide our innovative product family of solutions within the IP/ MPLS/Ethernet/Evolved Packet Core domain. This reinforces our long-standing, strong relationship with AT&T, a thought-leader within the communications arena.

AT&T’s Domain Supplier program, launched in September 2009, facilitates a more collaborative relationship with its equipment and software suppliers, ensuring that AT&T has the best technologies in place to serve its customers.

The confidence that AT&T has shown us is greatly welcomed. At Cisco, we like working with visionary companies, and AT&T is certainly one of them with a history and a future of aggressive deployments and innovative offerings that can change the market and raise the expectations of what’s possible for the networked experience for all of us.

Our collaboration with AT&T extends well beyond their Domain Supplier program. For example, earlier this year:

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Cisco SP360 SPice Social Media Event

We were so impressed by the Old Spice Social Media campaign, we decided to have some fun and work it Cisco-style.

So, send us topics via twitter to #CiscoSPice or comment on our blog as we’ll be creating and posting videos throughout the day on our blog based on your inputs.

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