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Cisco Flip Video™ Footage From the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games

As we have almost reached the half-way point for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games, I wanted to share with you exclusive footage that was taped using Cisco Flip Video™ cameras to tell “the rest of the story” from the Olympics Opening Day & the Chinatown Spring Festival. Please check out February 12-28 for complete footage from the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games.

Additionally, please be sure to check out how Cisco is providing NBC with medianet technologies to support its coverage of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games.

Olympics Opening Day Montage
Go Canada Go! See a Cisco Flip Video collection of moments from this year’s Opening Day, including a run with the torch bearer, and zipline snowboard and hockey players. Ten points for attribution on the torch bearer; ten more for an accurate count of how many other Flip cameras you can count in this Opening Day video montage, captured on Flip Video.

Chinatown Spring Festival
This year’s Olympic Games coincided with the annual Vancouver Chinatown Spring Festival, on February 14th near the Chinese Cultural Centre. The festival bursts with color and sound, in celebration of the Chinese lunar year. This snippet, captured on Flip video, shows a different kind of team effort: Making a dragon dance.

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Mobile World Congress 2010: Challenges and Opportunities

Edwin Paalvast, VP Europe, for Cisco’s Service Provider business, shares his thoughts about the challenges and opportunities that our mobile service provider customers will likely encounter this year.

Smartphones were traditionally adopted primarily by the mobile early-adopter segment of the marketplace. Today, we’re witnessing the mainstream adoption of these very capable devices and the consumption of rich-media content.

Previously, we were discussing the “promise” of mobile data service/application consumption. Today we’re actually seeing the demand-curve trending upward in a very meaningful way.

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Mobile World Congress 2010: John Chambers Closing Thoughts

In wrapping up another successful Mobile World Congress, we had an opportunity to speak with John Chambers, Chairman and CEO of Cisco, who took time out from his busy schedule to reflect upon our recent activities.

John has said it before, and it’s certainly evident at MWC this year, the network is the platform – the essential foundation for delivering the connected experiences that consumer and business users really crave.

The Service Provider is becoming the enabler of all forms of communications and IT, and we’ve tied our future to the long-standing relationships that Cisco has with our valued service provider customers.

Cisco’s formation of the Mobile Internet Technology Group, which has been warmly received by our customers, was the next logical step to help us build upon our prior collaborations with mobile service providers.

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Social Media Marketing for Service Providers – Robin Stavisky, Employees: the New Generation

In our continuing series on social media marketing, I sat down with Robin Stavisky, CEO of New Venture Marketing, to discuss what business to business companies should know as they embark on the realm of social media and also to shed some light on what she sees as the new generation of employees.

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Mobile World Congress 2010: Impact of Cisco’s Mobile Internet Strategy

Tony Shakib, VP Emerging Markets, Service Provider Business, provides his perspective on Cisco’s impact at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

Clearly, compared to last year, the overall mood at MWC is very optimistic about the coming year and the acceleration of momentum for Mobile Internet expansion. Also, helping service providers to reap the rewards of their network investment will continue to be a hot issue.

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