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Next week is the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas, I thought it timely to look into some of the ways in which technology is intersecting with the business of video broadcasting.

Going on location to capture a news event, as one example, used to be about getting a truck there in time, setting up a remote studio, and everything that goes along with that: Travel time, travel costs, and the setup logistics that almost always add latency to the process. Every minute spent getting on-air is a minute not spent airing a live event, as any broadcast news editor will attest.

But as the world of IP intersects more deeply with the world of video, it’s becoming much easier, faster and cost-effective to capture and transmit live news. Here’s a few examples, all based around the Cisco TelePresence EX Series:

In each case, the system transformed the everyday executive desk into a way to reduce time-to-air by pulling in talent and guests faster - without a truck roll, without set-up costs for A/V, without travel costs. It also helps news organizations to differentiate themselves competitively, by getting talent and unique interview subjects on air quickly, from anywhere - at press conferences, during breaking news events, or during the reporting process.

Watch for Major League Baseball (MLB) to launch a new talk show, featuring two (as yet unnamed) hosts in two remote locations, linked back to a main studio using TelePresence.

Curious? Come see more! We’re on site at NAB this week, and the EX90 TelePresence system for broadcasters is featured in our booth #SU2617.

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