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As the Mobility industry converges upon Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, I wanted to talk to you about subjects we will all be talking about at MWC – monetization, optimization, and the video experience.

There’s been considerable speculation about the demands that are placed on today’s mobile infrastructure and how rocketing traffic volumes will impact the network operator’s business model.

We decided to explore service provider’s expectations for the ongoing development of the mobile Internet. More specifically, their thoughts on monetization and network optimization, especially around bandwidth-intensive applications, like mobile video.

So we commissioned a market research study that was recently performed by Heavy Reading.  Based on interviews with over 50  mobile operators from around the world (the interview subjects did not know that this was a Cisco-sponsored survey), here is a summary of what they told us (full report embedded at the end of this post):

Charting a Profitable Growth Strategy

Maximizing the Returns on Network Investment

Preparing for Mobile Video Mainstream User Adoption

One additional finding of the survey was especially gratifying to me. Apparently, many perceive Cisco as the market leader, in terms of the capability to support end-to-end mobile video strategies. Moreover, even in the more advanced mobile services markets, Cisco is rated a leader by 53 percent of respondents.

I think one of the reasons Cisco is perceived as a leader is frankly because we take the time, as evidenced by this survey, to ask questions and listen to what our customers tell us.  We design and build products and solutions to meet the real-world needs of our customers, and we partner with our customers over the long-term to ensure those solutions deliver the value they seek.

Stop by our booth if you’re in Barcelona this week and I’ll show you what I mean.  But don’t be surprised if I ask you as many questions as you ask me.  That’s the Cisco way.


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