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Location Based Services in the Service Provider (SP) world is a very hot topic at present, with many SP’s looking for monetization opportunities for Wi-Fi.

Cisco has been working with our service provider customers to help deliver monetization capabilities; one way of opening new revenue opportunities is by using our new Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) Solution.

Let’s first take a brief look at some of the drivers for Wi-Fi in the SP world and some steps along the value chain.



So what are the emerging models where SP’s are beginning to focus their attentions on monetization and new, additional revenue opportunities?

As the Wi-Fi space evolves, no doubt the business models will evolve and be refined.  However, at this time there are a number of models emerging and being tested in the marketplace.

These can be broadly categorized into 2 areas -- cost reduction and revenue generation:

Cisco’s CMX Solution is being deployed by a significant number of SP’s globally and we are working very closely with these customers as the monetization models are tested and refined in the marketplace.


Learn more about how Cisco SP Wi-Fi and Cisco CMX can help you open up new monetization opportunities.  For a detailed discussion, contact your Cisco representative.

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  1. just curious, how does Cisco’s solution(s) in this space rank relative to our competitors AND more specifically is there a customer satisfaction rating for this solution(s) or any of its components?


    • Cisco has the first end to end solution in this space, sitting on Unified Access solution with fully integrated MSE and Location Analytics.
      We have currently captured mind share and are showing clear thought leadership.
      Our competitors are running fast to try and catch up.. a few have made recent acquisitions like Aruba acquiring Meridian and Ruckus acquiring Y-find. The likes or Motorola and HP are stating they have a solution but so far its slideware from what we hear.

      As this is an emerging area there isn’t a formal customer satisfaction rating as yet, but we have a number of reference customers.


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