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Cisco has taken a leadership role in driving the industry on the creation of standards associated with IPv6. At recent count we had over 458 RFCs related to IPv6 – over a third of the total!

One example of this is how our technical leaders have taken on the challenge in dual stack (IPv4 and IPv6) networks to reduce user-noticeable delays in when the IPv6 path is broken or slow. We’ve documented a method called “Happy Eyeballs” as described in Internet-Draft “Happy Eyeballs: Trending Towards Success (IPv6 and SCTP”).

Recently Cisco Distinguished Engineer Dan Wing took the time to discuss this algorithm and how it helps improve the user experience during network outages – reducing outages from on the order of a minute to less than half a second.

So far Happy Eyeballs has been implemented in two web browsers (Chrome and Firefox) and one major operating system (MAC OS X Lion).

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