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According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, network operators will deliver upwards of a zettabyte (1021 bytes) of data to 15 billion fixed and mobile devices by 2015. That will be the challenge of the Next-Generation Internet.

To meet that challenge, service providers will need networks that meet the following requirements:

With today’s network architectures, as demand for IP services grows, the need to provision and manage huge numbers of separate physical platforms grows as well.  And network capex and opex costs grow in parallel.

What if there was a way to consolidate many of those separate physical platforms? What if network providers could view hundreds or even thousands of physically distinct chasses as a single virtual node?  This is the vision behind Cisco’s Network Virtualization or “nV” Technology. Watch the video below to understand what that vision is.

Cisco nV Technology, as utilized by the new Cisco ASR 9000 System, provides two primary benefits:

Cisco nV technology allows service providers to create an entirely new, virtualized transport architecture that can simplify network operations and dramatically lower costs.

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