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Today, Cisco is kicking off its “Your Way” campaign which is focused on the universally desired but sophisticated requirements around the delivery of mobile experiences.  Not just mobile access – that is simply changing an access type – but rather a mobile experience that maps to your needs depending on the device you’re holding, the service or application you’re using, the time and location you want it  — in sum, it’s a mobile experience “your way.”

You’ll see Cisco highlighting this in a variety of forums – from an opening webcast featuring Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior  and BT to an array of on-going activities such as a dedicated website advertisements and even in future innovation announcements like the major one we’ll be having on June 5th (you can register here to be among the first to hear the news. And when we do, you’ll see that we promote that such personalized, superior mobile experiences “don’t have to compromise the way of business.”

While that phrasing may make sense for the Bring Your Own Device trend in the Enterprise where many CIOs are concerned about security and compliance, how does it apply to Service Providers?

A number of ways:

So with Cisco, a mobile experience your way doesn’t have to compromise the way of business.

We have a range of technologies and solutions that can help service providers and enterprises alike – count on Cisco for that, as no other vendor can come close.  But before that, what would you like to have as a mobile experience “your way” and what do you think could help make it possible?

There are plenty of details of what we have to offer at and I wouldn’t doubt that whatever new use you have in mind for your next mobile experience can be achieved… if not…. Know that Cisco will be innovating to help make it possible.

As always, thanks for reading.


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  1. This campaign is a very good step to inform users about the valuable technology Cisco is ofering to give ordinary persons a revolutionized mobile experience. Best of luck with your campaign.


  2. Awesome .. as a hardcore games, I would be more interesting in knowing “play your way”

    Good Work!


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