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It has been a long winter for many of us. Nevertheless, the snow is finally melting and it’s an entirely new season for Qwest and Cisco.

Qwest has implemented the Cisco Unified Service Delivery (USD) solution across its CyberCenters. Qwest CyberCentersSM provide a highly-secure, reliable, scalable foundation for the delivery of state-of-the-art hosting for mission-critical enterprise application services.

Qwest VP of Product Management and National Network Services, Eric Bozich, talks about how
Cisco Unified Service Delivery brings new flexibility to cloud service delivery.

The Cisco USD solution helps Qwest optimize its CyberCenter network, application, compute and storage resources, while reducing capital, operating, real estate and energy costs. This creates new economies of scale for Qwest and attractive pay-per-use business models for their enterprise customers. The Cisco Unified Service Delivery is helping Qwest to change the game by bringing new levels of service agility to the cloud.

Economic realities are pushing large enterprises as well as small and medium-sized businesses to move from owning to leasing infrastructure to cut costs, increase efficiencies and concentrate their own limited resources on core business opportunities.

Our Cisco USD solution:

A key foundation technology of the Cisco USD solution is the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), which combines network, compute and virtualization resources into a single seamless system, simplifying setup, improving business results, and enabling just-in-time resource provisioning.

Both companies are now on Cloud 9. We are rooting for you Qwest! Stay tuned and see how Cisco Unified Service Delivery is helping service providers use a network-centric approach as the pathway to simpler, faster and more profitable delivery of cloud services.

Check out Game Changers and find out more about how Cisco Unified Service Delivery changes the game for cloud services.

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