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simloBy Steve Simlo, IPv6 Product Manager, Cisco

Network Operating Systems Technology Group

We’ve been actively promoting the adoption of IPv6 at various venues – back in January at Cisco Live London, and a few weeks ago at the V6 World Congress, which focused on the adoption of IPv6 in mobile networks.

Our next big venue is Cisco Live in Orlando, Florida June 23-27, 2013 and I want to take the opportunity to reflect on how IPv6 is becoming an increasingly important component of the event agenda, infrastructure and look forward to some of our future ideas for Orlando.

I have personally participated in Cisco Live for over 15 years as a speaker but this was my first time as a member of the IPv6 Team. For those of you who do now know I am the Product Manager for IPv6 in Cisco’s Core Technology team that we call Network Operating Systems Technology Group.

My observations on what I saw and heard in London were as follows:

There was a huge buzz around IPv6; both inside breakout sessions and across the show itself:

The direct feedback received from you all told us that you were very interested in these topics and very satisfied with the quality of the information that you gained at the event. We will be striving to do an even better job in Orlando.

The event itself served as a showcase for IPv6 technologies in other respects:

We’re looking forward to seeing you at Cisco Live Orlando and hope to create even more excitement around IPv6 and we have the following new ideas that we look forward to offering you:

We hope London was a useful learning experience for you, and we look forward to making Orlando an even better one. If there are ideas you have for us in terms of ways in which we can improve on the Cisco Live / IPv6 experience then I would be delighted to hear from you.

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