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Are you a Super User?

- February 3, 2009 - 0 Comments

Sure there is invariably going to be the requisite smack talking around this topic – John Earnhardt claims that he was twittering when”it was spelled with only ‘t'” and Mike Kisch counters that he has adopted a”100% visual lifestyle” also known as”videotarian” (ok, not really, but go with me on this one…).To help settle things once and for all, Cisco recently announced the Cisco VNI Pulse PC Application – it’s a free application to show users how much network bandwidth they consume and the types of applications they use. This application shows users the amount and types of traffic that flow to and from their computer and provides aggregated network usage proof points of all global users of this application for comparison purposes.Here are screen captures of the application:VNI Pulse Application screensThis application is designed for PC/laptop users worldwide (Should my sister-in-law be reading this,”no, it’s not yet available for Macs” – long story…), and it doesn’t record any personal information, just the amount of bandwidth consumed, type of content consumed, and the worldwide highs, lows, and averages.Now here’s one of the best parts – By using the Cisco VNI PC Pulse application, you will not only gain a better understanding of your online usage but you’ll also help contribute to building better understanding of emerging trends of what we all demand from our networks. Data from this application will be aggregated to preserve anonymity, analyzed and then shared publicly on a quarterly basis as part of the on-going Cisco Visual Networking Index outreach.Even though it’s only been available for a few weeks, we were already able to use the data to help provide context to how external events can affect the network. VNI Pulse All Content tabDuring, President Obama’s inaugural events, a number of us turned to the network to view coverage in between meetings and perhaps, just perhaps, during some meetings too. The effect on the network? We were able to measure a 40% increase from the traffic spikes on the Internet Exchanges in the US but the Pulse application showed that some user’s traffic exceeded more than three times the normal amount. Such spikes can be tough for network planners to predict, and the new Cisco Visual Networking Index PC Pulse application will give us all better data to use to do so.Plus, it’s a great way to prove your Super-User Networking Cred…so download your version today at and put an end to the smack talking once and for all.

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