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Virtual Account Management

Cisco and feature prominently in a new FastCompany article about how companies are preparing for the economic upturn.The article talks about the “Virtual Account Manager” model for, which is our way of describing a mix of smart personalization, helpful product and program content, and click-to-chat capabilities that allow us to orient customers and connect them to the right partner or Cisco representative. “There aren’t enough salespeople in the world for what we need to do,” explains my boss Mike Metz. The picture below is not of Mike, by the way, but of Sue Bostrom, our Chief Marketing Officer, who is a big fan of I think of these capabilities more as “Virtual Customer Connections” since they are about suggesting the right things to customers and connecting them to the right events, partners or other Cisco representatives. Customers need connections and interactions with our partners and real “account managers” today more than ever. The name “Virtual Account Manager” has stuck, though, and I have to admit it rolls off the tongue better!Enjoy!

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