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Social media is a perfect vehicle through which you can not only share customer stories but also connect with fans. While doing so, it is critical that you make sure the communication is always a two-way street. Relaying your fans’ messages through social channels will help build stronger, interpersonal relationships while giving you the opportunity to become a better listener as well.

Michael Brito (@britopian) from Edelman Digital, Gina Fung Ballenger (@FunGina) from Wells Fargo and Maria Poveromo (@mariapoveromo) from Adobe Systems had some best practices and lessons learned to share in regards to this topic. Here’s a brief 2-minute video in which these experienced social practitioners tell us their thoughts:

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  1. Interesting interview. Storytelling is a tricky thing and very difficult to set up. Lots of companies have nothing to share about their DNA, or at least something really interesting. Anyway, social media is a good way to start conversations with customers. Thanks again for sharing.

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  2. Deanna Belle
    Deanna Govoni

    I agree that tapping into the customer stories that are already out is a great way to enhance your social media strategy. Thanks for the video!


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