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Today was the first day of our Pre-conference Social Media Summit hosted here at Cisco headquarters in San Jose, CA. The day was packed full with interactive and engaging sessions. The attendees at the conference were full of energy, asked lots of great questions and shared excellent best practices.

Thanks to one of today’s speakers, Pete Codella (@codella), we were able to generate this word cloud which contains top keywords tweeted from our @CiscoSocial twitter handle. The larger the font size, the more often the word was used. Try it out by visiting

Here are some of the highlights from today’s workshops:

It was all about Video in the workshop lead by Deanna Govoni, Social Media Manager at Cisco Systems (@deanna24) and Alex Romano, Social Media Specialist (@Arom1000). Deanna and Alex shared how Cisco uses video to communicate externally to customers and internally to employees.  They shared tips on how to easily produce video (with minimal equipment) and how to use video to tell a story. Here are the top tips presented:

Cisco video examples shared:

Valentine’s Day Gift
John Chambers Duck Calls
I Am The World’s Most Interesting Intern
The Royal Wedding

Here are just a few tweets generated from the discussion:

Meanwhile, Mike Rowland, President and Founder of Impact Interactions @ImpactInteract, covered a lot of content from: starting a community, maintaining it and most importantly how to keep it alive. He not only talked about the importance of using Social Media but demonstrated it by running Tweet Deck during his entire presentation and capturing questions and comments in real time by the audience. He ended his workshop with a panel featuring, Navneet Grewal (Dir Digital #NetApp), Laura Douglas (Collaboration Mgr #Cisco) & R. Dell’Immagine (Dir Community #Qualys).

Additional highlights from Mikes workshop:

By the afternoon we were still going strong with more engaging and interactive workshops. Shel Holtz, Principal at Holtz Communication and Technology (@shelholtz) discussed the Smartphone revolution and the mobile strategies to consider. Here are just a few tips and best practices Shel shared:

Benefits of both mobile apps and web apps

The difference between web widget and self-contained apps

Going mobile without having to own it, a step often overlooked when deciding on a mobile strategy.

Mobile doesn’t always need to be external. It can be used internally too.

The other afternoon workshop was presented by Pete Codella, Owner of Codella Marketing (@codella) who disscussed the 17 social media tools PR professionals can use. Here are the top hightlights from the session:

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