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Hey Mom, I’m in a fancy online design magazine this month! Here’s me, with my fiends’ son Michael, who is donning an RSS costume.rss-michael.jpgBut the more interesting thing about the article is how the RSS “fan” has become recognizable enough now that sites are doing stylized variations on it.You can read a short history of the icon and and overview of some examples that have evolved in Smashing Magazine’s RSS Best Design Practice and Icons.P.S. That costume was created by Danny Holland from my old design team (who says there’s an embarassing flaw — can you spot it?), and featured in this video on YouTube produced by Danny (yes, that’s me playing “RSS Thing”).

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  1. I spotted the costume ‘flaw’ – the dot is on the wrong corner and the waves should be going up and to the right. Oh well, it still looks cool! =)


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