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The 3D and Virtual Reality Expo (IVR) took place in Tokyo took place last week. IVR is focused on showcasing state-of the-art technology used in the latest 3D products and technologies including ultra-high definition displays, augmented reality, and 3D broadcasting. The big news from the event was the announcement of Canon’s MR (Mixed Reality) system.

Many companies, including Canon of course, leveraged IVR to showcase innovative use cases of the mixed reality headset. From engineer training on assembling an aircraft to interacting with and sitting in a concept car that mostly exists in 3D-CAD solely.

So what makes the MR System more powerful than other augmented and/or virtual reality tools?
The major difference is that for the most part AR and/or VR tools can only render virtual images for the user. The MR System intersects virtual images with physical images so the user sees a blended image through a headset. This means that product designers can develop early modeling of a product without building a physical prototype, or at least not a complete prototype.

While the MR System is initially focused to be an industrial design tool, the possibilities for other uses are all ready being discussed. An article on SmartPlanet sites several examples including:

Exciting stuff! Looking forward to see how the MR System evolves and learn more about practical use cases after the release of the system later this summer.

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